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CV Awards ’09 VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!

Hi. I’m participating the Christian Video Magazine’s 2009 Video Contest. Will you help me out by casting your vote for me? I may even win a prize, if you vote and help spread the word. Voting is open until the 22nd. You can only vote 1 time (per email).

Here’s what you do- it’s real simple (8 easy clicks). You go to

and there you can view and find my videos in the dropbox menu.

*In the Church Announcements category mine is “#15- Fall Festival Highlights”
*In the Church Promotion category mine is “#14- See How God is Moving”
*In the Personal Testimony category, well, I don’t have any there, but “#44- Tony on Serving” was done by a friend here in Brownsville.
*OK, here are the good ones- In the Humorous category mine is “#12- Lukeward Hymns CD Info”
*In the Inspirational category mine is “#13- To Love a Child”
*In the Innovative category mine is “11- What was on His mind?”
*I don’t have any in the music category, I thought “136- Beautiful Disaster” looked good.

And it’s that simple. Step 8 says thanks for voting.

And I thank you too!


Time To VOTE for the 2009 Christian Video Awards!

We have had some fantastic videos submitted for consideration in this, our first annual, 2009 Christian Video Awards, sponsored by Christian Video Magazine! Now it is your turn to participate. Enjoy viewing the inspiring videos and vote for the one in each category that you think is the best. There are seven categories, and the winners in each will be splitting our $2,000 prize money. Remember to take your time to view all of the videos and make the correct selection. Once you have voted, you cannot go back and change your vote.

Vote for MuddyRiverMedia

November 29, 2008 Leave a comment

I would like to share with you of an easy way that you can help Muddy River Media upgrade their software and hardware… without costing you a cent.

We have collaborated with others to create a video submission for a National Video Contest. Future Shop (it’s like a Canadian version of Best Buy) has narrowed the submissions down to 10 finalists and ours is in the top ten. The video that receives the most votes will win $10,000! Muddy River Media’s share of that would really help us upgrade our outdated hardware and software and really make a HUGE difference to a small ministry like ours.

Our video is called Talking Baby and we think it’s worthy of the big prize… but our opinion doesn’t count for too much at this point. What DOES count are YOUR VOTES, so I need to get as many people as possible voting for this video.

If you can, take a few minutes during the voting period to send in some votes – and encouraging your friends and family to do the same would be swell. Remember: Think “VIRAL.” We encourage you to use this email to send to your friends so they can help out as well… tell your Facebook friends… join our Facebook group for the contest… if they can fog a mirror we’ll take their votes.

From what I understand you are able to vote for our video as many times as you’d like during the voting period. Voting starts Friday, November 28 and goes until the end of Thursday, December 11. Take a few moments each day and those votes will add up.

And, just for voting, your name gets entered into a draw for one of five $500 Future Shop gift cards.

Thanks again for your help on this.  Our lone votes won’t get us very far, so your help would be much appreciated.

To see and vote for our video, click here remember… it’s the Talking Baby!

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