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“Untitled” Book Review

Blank pages be gone! Blaine Hogan’s new book “Untitled” is available for just $4.99 on Amazon, iTunes, and B&N. I read it and here’s what I concluded:

Blaine’s book, though easy to read, is a tough pill to swallow. One of the over-arching themes is that the creative process is so very hard, if it is to be done effectively. He most definitely got that point across! Yet at the same time, he comes alongside both the experienced and inexperienced creative person and gives some needed encouragement through personal stories and helpful examples. At times he is blunt and up front with the reader with a sort of tough love that is necessary for creative types to see reality. For me, one of the most compelling moments in the book was a tender comparison of art to that of a baby. Through all of the hard work, it’s way worth it! A truly wonderful and real moment in this great book.

Untitled is chalk full of excellent quotes by a number of sources. It’s accessible to all creatives across any line imaginable with references from prayer to Lady Gaga. It’s simple, but insightful. Philosophical, yet practical. Challenging, but motivating. Do like me, and read it with the highlighter tool do its job. This work is a must read and refer to regularly type book for any creative person who wants to excel in their craft.

Here’s a short video I found of Blaine himself talking about the book:


Bonus- Let me give you just some of my favorite quotes from the book:

“No one cares about your ideas or how great a pitch-person you are if you can’t execute your vision.”

“Vision is easy. Ideas are even easier. It’s execution that separates the amateurs from the pros.”

“You will not be stuck forever. The trick is to know there are no tricks. There is, in fact, no easy way. There is only the work.”

“This is the creative process – stop complaining! It’s messy! It’s rarely mappable! It is always dynamic and ever-changing!”

“The best ideas must move you before they can move someone else.”

“Art will always reflect the beauty and the brokenness inside you and a commitment to contemplation leads you to a place where you can release both in lovely and healthy ways.”

“Your art isn’t just the “what” of the end-result, but is also “how” you got there.”

“Our job is to communicate the human experience and is something a machine will never be able to do.”

“Content must come before the medium. Don’t set out to prove a point. Set out to tell a great story. That might seem like kid stuff to you, but they are so simple we often miss them.”

“It’s easy to sell something to someone, it’s far harder to tell good stories.”

“Your inner critic is very real and it wants nothing more than to kill your creative freedom.”

“Failures are absolutely essential.”

“Beauty is a tricky, slippery bugger. But she must be captured…”

There you have it, go buy the book and read it cover to cover! Again, it’s available for just $4.99 on Amazon, iTunes, and B&N.

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