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Motive Matters T-shirt designs (Color Code)

September 1, 2011 1 comment

FishXpressions’ has now designed some T-shirts. Actually it was my wife that did the heavy lifting on the T-shirt designs. I just helped a little and gave some feedback. After we had the T-shirts, we needed to put the on the website. So together we worked on designing the T-shirt preview graphics and the rest of the page. You can see how they came out below. Also, if you have no idea what Motive Matters is or the Color Code, check out this post. I recommend that you do, take the free test, and get a fun T-shirt while you’re at it!

What Color are You?

August 19, 2011 1 comment

I don’t know how you feel about personality profiles and studies. I like them. When you get that the goal is not to pigeonhole people, label them, and put them in a box, they are very helpful in bringing understanding- to yourself first, then to others around you. I’ve been exposed to many different systems, and completed various different assessments. They’re all good and somewhat similar, however my favorite of all by far is simply called “The Color Code”. It goes deeper than the other competing systems- getting to the motive behind the behavior. If you only look at behavior, then you’ll see what you do. You already know that! What’s important is to see why you do what you do. What’s the driving core motive operating under the surface?

I’m a yellow (motive of FUN), with a strong secondary red color (motive of POWER). My red helps me to be a productive yellow, and actually get projects done.  If it weren’t for my secondary red, well, for one, you wouldn’t be reading this blog, and I’d probably be eating fruity pebbles all day watching entire seasons of the Cosby show on Netflix instant. Hey, that’s a good idea! Anyway, back to the blog. My wife is pretty much the opposite of me. She’s core blue (motive of INTIMACY) with secondary white (motive of PEACE). So we learn from each other.  Here you can see just a small taste of some of what makes us different (which like all things can be good or bad).

I would recommend to you this system, because I know how it’s help me and my wife in our marriage. We’re a living example of the power of motive training, and are very grateful to Dr. Taylor Hartman for developing such a wonderful tool. Once you dive into the world of color and motive it will affect all of you relationships in life- in a positive way (work, home, spouse, kids, church, friends, etc.). Life is all about relationships, when you really think about it. That’s Dr. Hartman’s message to the world, and my message to you right now. Much more could be said, but I’ll save that for future posts.

My wife and I with Dr. Taylor Hartman- Developer of “The Color Code”

So what color are you? You can find out very easily by taking a free test now. Just be forewarned, you may quickly be wanting to color code some of your favorite people in life- it’s very contagious, in a good way. Go now, and remember to answer the questions honestly, and as a child- with your earliest recollections. That’s something that is different about this system and very important to get passed some of the filters that have taken you away from your innate core color that you were born with. That way the bad burrito you had for lunch doesn’t mess up your color test results! Get to it…

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