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Remixing The Choir

I’ve been a long time The Choir fan. Not too long ago I brought Steve and Derri down to do an acoustic show at the church I was serving at in Texas. So of course, I pre-ordered the newest album “The Loudest Sound Ever Heard” along with the stems for remixing. I decided to remix “Cross that River” and change it up pretty dramatically. I got my ukulele out and re-programmed some drums and turned it into “cross da river, man!”. Then I thought about some camping footage I took with my GoPro and decided to spend my Memorial Day morning editing in some ukulele footage and making a video for the remix. Here’s what I came up with:

The Choir Fans Rejoice

I have been a long-time Choir fan. Their music has been an influence on my music over the years. Earlier this year I was fortunate to be able to book Steve Hindalong and Derri Daughtery on a acoustic tour. They played a concert at our church and then I took them to South Padre Island for dinner on the bay. They are not just great musicians and songwriters, they are wonderful people as well.

The concert was great! They went through their “deplumed” record, which is stripped down versions of some of their favorite songs, one from each studio release in chronological order. They also played some other songs, including the title track off of there last full band album, “Burning like the Midnight Sun”.

Here are some videos from the show, including a brand new song written just for me!

Everybody in the Band Appreciates GREG:

Burning like the Midnight Sun:

Love Your Mind: (I tried to stylize this one a little)

Sentimental Song:


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