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My Second Joplin Video

June 24, 2011 1 comment

The last video has done a lot of good, and I’m trilled about it. In just one week, it’s been viewed over 2100 times and shared by over 800 people of Facebook alone. This is not counting people who saw it or will see it in a couple of church services and one ladies Bible study of 100 women. After the video was shown in one church, they, who had already given to Joplin, committed another trailer of supplies! Another church plans on using it to promote relief help. God is good.

This video has no message at the end to help or anything. The message is throughout, and it’s for the people of Joplin, to give them hope and encouragement. It is simple in its approach. It uses sound clips from the preachers at the community memorial service one week after the storm.

The speakers in this video are, in order of appearance- Fr. Justin Monaghan of St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Pastor Randy Gariss of College Heights Christian Church, Rev. Aaron Brown of St. Paul’s United Methodist Church. Some of the footage was my friend, Sid McGregor’s. The music is by Derri Daughtery (of The Choir and Lost Dogs) from his ambient project “Clouds Echo in Blue”, “the sound at the end of the world”.

My First Joplin Tribute Video

Here’s my first edit from some of my footage of Joplin last week. Cameras cannot capture the full scale of the damage. The video shows significant damage and from many different areas around town. However, the main focus of this edit is to show the other side of things. There are beautiful realities also in play in this place in the midst of the horrible tragedy.


Sobering Videos of Joplin Tornado

May 24, 2011 1 comment

Here are some videos of the tragedy in my hometown of Joplin, Missouri.

This first one shows the actual tornado. It is 2 mph shy of EF-5 status, but they are still evaluating. The death toll is rising over 120 right now. It’s impact was devastating, for lack of a better word.

This next one is 6 blocks from my in-laws’ house, right across from an old car lot and cabin they own, which was leveled. This is real audio from 20 people in a small cooler that survived thanks to the clerk who let them in and was the last to get in himself…one hero among many in this town. All that’s left of this Fastrip is basically this cooler area.

Last, a fitting song from Casting Crowns with images from this horrible disaster.

The relief efforts are in full swing, despite the dismal weather conditions. The church is doing its part and people are helping people. The road to recovery will be long, but I know the people of Joplin, and they will rise again, with God’s help.

Pray for Joplin

May 23, 2011 2 comments

Joplin is my hometown. I moved there in ’94 from Santiago, Chile. I lived there all through high school and college. My family is there on both sides. I have many friends there.

My parents were on the highway. Thanks to a bathroom break they avoided being blown off the pavement like many others ahead of them. My in-laws received some damage at the house, being a few blocks from total devastation. Two of there properties down the road are gone. But they are fine.

A couple of friends lost their homes. Reports are still coming in. It’s unreal to see my dear Joplin on Good Morning America and other national news. Cell service is spotty, those with a connection are using facebook as a information highway– people checking on people.

Chopper footage here:

Reports are saying this could be an EF 4 that took out 30% of the town.  St John’s hospital looks like a bomb went off. Home Depot and so many other places are leveled. Memorial Hall is a triage center as Freeman Hospital is accepting life-threatening cases only. The power is out and traffic is a mess. I know that local churches are mobilizing all sorts of rescue efforts and creating shelters, etc. At least 89 are dead and hundreds wounded.

What is needed? I’m sure water, cots, blankets, that type of thing. But also prayer. It’s a powerful thing…more so than this ferocious tornado. If you believe that than pray for this city in the coming months. It’s a city of much faith. The home of Ozark Christian College and Christ in Youth (CIY) and many other great organizations. That faith is shaken, but while vehicles, buildings, and homes are taken away, you can’t take faith away.

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