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First Shots with DVC30

November 8, 2008 Leave a comment

These are my first real shots with the new (used) Pannasonic DVC30.  Please note that the quality was first compress to WMV, then compressed again by Youtube.  The full-res versions are much better.  I’ve gone ahead and put a “fishxpressions” watermark over it.  This is too much fun.  I’ve got a lot of plans, and slowly getting the equipment to be able to pull it off.  Vote for your favorite of these.  Send me a comment.  I have to submitt three samples to to see if I’ll be an approved producer for them.

Soundtrack on Muddy River Media

I sell a few clips of music for soundtracks on   Whenever someone downloads a track (once in a blue moon) I usually don’t know where it’s going or who bought it.  But today someone who used a clip emailed me to tell me what video it would be used on.  It just so happens that it was the guy from Muddy River Media.  I previously linked to Muddy River on the FREE resources post.  A great new video that was made featuring my music.  You can see, and ultimately download it here.  It is free, but donations through paypal are always welcome.  Mark Fogarty, the media missionary, is doing great work there.  Muddy River Media began out of Mark’s desire for smaller churches to have free media resources.  Through this email conversation, I’ll be helping provide proper spanish translations for his text-based resources in the coming months.  He’ll also offer them in French, since he lives in Canada.  Check out his video “Heaven” featuring my soundtrack “Freeing Iwo Jima” below:

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