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The Band’s Back Together!

During high school and some of college, I played in a band with my best friends. We played in 12 different states to audiences as big as 7000 and as small as 7, and everything in between. It’s been 20 years now, but at Christmastime, we were all in town to visit family, so we decided to play a private show for our families – a small reunion show. It went really well, so we thought, maybe we should start collaborating again on new music.

In 2020, collaboration on music is a great possibility through technology. In times of “social distancing” it becomes even a greater opportunity. So we are working on some new tunes. But as many others have done during this COVID-19 pandemic, we are starting to put out the live performances from this reunion concert.

This first offering is a fun song called, “Palm.” It’s got a “That Thing You Do” sort of vibe to it. In a moment where there’s a lot of uncertainty, and news is bad, we hope it’s something that can bring a smile to your face. Check it out… and follow “Brother John” band on Facebook and Instagram!



A Ukulele Christmas

December 1, 2016 Leave a comment

A couple of years ago, I did a silly little home recording of Christmas songs, all on the ukulele. It was a fun project, so I put it up on noisetrade for free:


Give it a listen this Christmas season, and if you feel inclined to tip $2, maybe I’ll change the strings on the old use sometime soon!



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A Pro’s Pro

photo (20)Meet Felipe. I first met Felipe at an Asado Chileno (Chilean BBQ). He is a vital part of the NOMaD team that I went down to train for video. I really enjoyed my time spent with him and am glad he’d pick me up in the mornings and save me a 20 minute walk!

I was introduced to his music that first night. He is a professional musician. He plays guitar for a band called “Carnada” which has a following and gets radio play in Chile. His brother is the singer of the band.

I was impressed that while these guys have this musical outlet and are pros in the biz, they also play at their church. Felipe guitar and his brother plays the drums. The music was great as he is a pro’s pro! His editing skills also are very good.

In fact, they did their own music videos. Check it out!


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Ozark Mountain Bluegrass at a Cabin from the 1800s

One of my latest video projects was to capture the events at the Adamson Cabin’s Bluegrass and Barbecue “Raise the Roof on the Cabin” fundraiser. This featured music from the Timberline Bluegrass Band, Spur of the Moment Bluegrass Band, Virginia Snyder, and Blackberry Winter Band, who did the soundtrack to the movie “Winter’s Bone.”

The day was cold and rainy, but the event drew a crowd nonetheless. I didn’t realize how cold my hands were around the camera until it was over and I attempted to thaw them, stiff as they were, with the car heater. I can only image playing an instrument in such weather! This did not put any sort of damper on the event. It was a lot of fun. And I hope the recap video shows it.

It was a little tricky being the lone shooter. Trying to cover various angles and crowd shots, and at the same time trying to capture some songs in their entirety was a bit of a challenge, but one I welcomed. I would’ve loved to have a second shooter, but I did what I could without that luxury. I knew what I shot, and my goal was to shoot to edit, so that made the editing process fairly easy and quick.

Whether you are a fan of Bluegrass or not, check out some good ol’ Ozark Mountain music!

Free Christmas Music

December 16, 2011 Leave a comment

Christmas Uke is a silly little project that I decided to do, however, I do hope that you will enjoy it. Every year I would tell myself that I should record some Christmas songs, and I never did until this year. For some reason I decided to play them all on the ukulele. It’s been fun to learn this instrument while recording these classic tunes. So sing along and enjoy!


Live Guitar Loop Fun

May 10, 2011 1 comment

This is a fun little loop that I made. “Qué Alegría” means “Oh, what joy!” in Spanish.

My FREE Music


A half-hearted worship CD????

Is your worship of God half-hearted at best? This fake infomercial really makes you think. What we sing in church needs to match our level of devotion outside of church.


A Free Video for You

Thanks for stopping by fishxpressions blog.  Because you came to check things out, have a free video:

Download it by right-clicking and “Save Target As” to your computer:

The song is used with permission from Daniel Bashta (– by the way his album is free or by donation) and the potter is Doug Marks (who goes into great detail in his book and conferences which he performs and you can contact him if you want more info at  I hope you enjoy the video and can use it effectively for the Kingdom.  God bless!

New CD- Darrell Evans

November 24, 2008 1 comment


This last weekend I got to meet Darrell Evans and buy his CD at his release party in Tulsa, OK.  Then I got to hear him lead worship and give a talk (interview type) on worship.  This was really cool for me, being a worship leader myself, and a long-time fan of his.  It was awesome for me to be in the crowd and off the stage.  Darrell is a down to earth, geniune, transparent and sincere person.  I got to know the songs off the new CD pretty well, as I listened from Tulsa to Brownsville (15 hours driving)! 

I recommend it.  Order or download here:

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