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Another Great Issue of CVMag

December 11, 2012 Leave a comment


Here’s what’s in the Sept/Oct issue of CVMag (free subscription at

Cover Story, Inside the Mind of a Writer-Director, Darrel Campbell, by Gregory Fish

Article, The Way- choosing a life, living a life, by Martin Baggs

Article, The Rules of Design, by Dan Stevers

Article, Easy Green Screening, by Gregory Fish

Article, Top Tools for Problems in Post, by Ryan Geesaman

Article, Basic Composition, by Ken Erickson

Vacation Footage Edits

We went on a family vacation, and of course, I took my cameras. I think home movies need to be edited! Otherwise, you’ll never hardly watch or share them. Here’s what resulted from our three stops:

[vimeo 46721857] [vimeo 46009052] [vimeo 45902898]
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Blue Like Jazz (the movie)

July 30, 2011 1 comment

UPDATE: New Poster art and official trailer:

Donald Miller, author of the New York Times Bestseller Blue Like Jazz, has now written the screenplay for Steve Taylor’s movie Blue Like Jazz: the Movie.  A while back the movie was almost dead because of lack of funds. Nonetheless, thanks to a Kickstarter campaign the movie was saved and is in its final stages of post-production. During Echo Conference this week, a theater-full of creatives were allowed to screen the movie in its present condition. Lucky for me, I was there.

Steve Taylor came out at the very beginning with his disclaimers. He told us about some special effects not yet done, some color grading and sound leveling that is still needed, etc. (But with a room full of creatives, we could all envision the final product and appreciate what we were seeing. We even all cheered when the storyboard pictures came up instead of the finished version!) He told us of some necessary changes that he and Don decided on to be able to start on the screenplay.  He told us about the PG-13 rating. He told us of the challenge of portraying what is in the book (as faithfully as possible) without making it, well, more than PG-13. If you’ve read the book, then you understand that it’s not a children’s story. There is some adult content and language in an attempt to make it as real as possible.

I don’t want to give anything away in case you haven’t read the book, so you can and then watch the finished product.  However, I will say that it was very well done, and extremely impressive. The crowd, which frankly, could be very critical, loved it. I think that this film, like the book, will make many people think (and that’s a good thing).

We caught up with Steve Taylor after the screening (my friend Sid interviews him, while I  stuck behind the camera!):

So there you have it! An exclusive interview with Steve Taylor right after previewing his newest movie, the long awaited Blue Like Jazz: the Movie. Sorry you can’t see it yet, but let not your heart be troubled– here’s the official teaser trailer to hold you over:

Fireproof and the Love Dare Book

October 12, 2008 Leave a comment

I was planning on seeing the movie “Fireproof” back in July. In fact I had RSVPed at a private minister’s screening of the movie in San Antonio. My plan was to go up there early for a convention, but plans didn’t work out. So I waited for the September 26th opening. I was glad to see it do so well, but disappointed that it did not make it to the Rio Grande Valley. Then this weekend Brownsville was one of the 59 new cities that the movie opened in, so I got to see it today. It was very good. I highly recommend it. I’m glad that such movies are being made. I hope one day that I could maybe contribute to something of such great caliber. Go see it. Get others to go as well. Support quality Christian movies. Show Hollywood that a positive message is never out of style!

Without giving away too much, as I watched the movie, I thought that a good resource should come out of it. Apparently, the creators thought so too. There is a companion to the movie in the form of a book called the “Love Dare”. It looks like it would be pretty good. I have not read it, but feel I can safetly recommend it, since it came out of the same source. Here’s a teaser promotion video for it:

The Love Dare from Mike Stecker on Vimeo.

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