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Christmas Media

November 29, 2011 Leave a comment

There is a lot of great Christmas media to choose from for your church events. Worship House Media has a Christmas store with offerings from the greatest producers in the Christian media business. This post features some of my Christmas media that is being offered. You have so many choices at your disposal. Thanks for stopping by and checking out these products.


The Red Dragon of Christmas is¬†definitely a bold choice. It’s my latest illustration and packs a lot of info into a short amount of time. It’s designed to have the teaching built around its theme. To that end I’ve included a 4 page Leaders Guide PDF in the download to help develop the teaching segment. It’s not your typical Christmas feel good message, though it does have a happy ending. It will open eyes to whole new way of looking at the Christmas nativity story. (Search “red dragon” on this blog for more posts about this video.)

This was last year’s video illustration, with a similar storybook feel. It’s the Christmas narrative of Luke 2, but taken from The Bible in Rhyme. It is read by the author of The Bible in Rhyme Kyle Holt’s son. This heart-warming piece is sure to inspire people both young and old with a new interpretation of a classic text.


Test your knowledge of the Biblical Christmas account with this countdown quiz. These True or False questions are not as easy as they may seem.

This is a fun 5 minute countdown where you will have to guess the Christmas movie quote. It contains a surprisingly meaningful message though!

The content of this classic is a lot of fun. Try to guess the Christmas carol represented in the phrase. For example: “Nocturnal Timespan of Unbroken Quietness” = “Silent Night”.

Perfect for winter time. The sights and sounds of a real fireplace with some beautiful piano music as an added bonus.


The links for individual Christmas motions can be found in this collection. Get them all here with a bonus (matching) countdown:

[vimeo 17693826]


Seamless loops- RED and GREEN- perfect for Christmas season or any other.


Click on the “stills” tab on the link below for different Christmas stills.

Shoal Creek Loops

Purchase individual loops for your worship services:

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