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Mother’s Day Media

April 26, 2011 2 comments

My newest Mother’s day offering actually is from The Bible in Rhyme collection, and is simply entitled “Proverbs 31”. At one minute it’s short and sweet-

Right now “Crazy Things Moms Say Countdown” is the #1 mother’s day countdown at Worship House Media. Well, it’s very early still and it’ll be hard to hold on to that spot. It’d be great, but we’ll see how long it’ll be before there’s a new leader.  Here’s the link for you:

Lastly, we’ve got an oldie but a goodie- SUPER MOM, available in both English and Spanish:



Make this Mother’s Day a memorable celebration!

For Mother’s Day

Got Mother’s Day covered, but Easter’s first. Yesterday Emily and I had an idea for a cinematic Easter illustration. Here’s the companion to “Crazy Things Dads Say.” I like the last 30 seconds the best.

To download:

My Baby Daughter’s Debut

September 28, 2009 Leave a comment

Is God’s love for us like the love of the parents of a newborn? I think even more so. With a passage from John 1.

and in Spanish…

20% off Super Mom video

follow the link, click on “super mom”, use cupon code 20MOMMY.

(super mamá disponible en español)

Super Mom Success

Super Mom had a very successful run!  It exceeded all of my expectations for it.  Both the English and Spanish versions did extremely well- it was shown in many a church today.  It even went international- many in Canada, one in Greece, Japan, a couple in Australia.  I was elated. 

But the best thing was when I showed it in our church service.  Of course, all of our people know Emily, so that was an extra fun tidbit.  But the out loud reaction to it was wonderful.  Every time there was a new scene, laughter.  It was hard not to smile, so contagious.  Some behind me said, “And where was the dad?” to which I turned and said “behind the camera!”  Swinging with the kids provoked a nice “Ahhhh”.  The part where she throws the diaper in the trash behind her head got a great response.  They were asking Emily to come to their house to clean and cook, etc.  If only in reality all that moms do could get done in two minutes, they just might have time to relax!

Emily took a survey online at and found that she should be making at least $135,000 for what she does as a mom.  That’s a lot of overtime!!!  Well, happy mothers day to all, especially my mom and the mother of my children, Emily.  Speaking of rest, we’re going to try and get all the kidos down for a nap.  Cya at Father’s Day!  (If not before).


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