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Giving IS Better than Receiving

On my last trip to Mexico, there were many sweet moments, but no sweeter than this. It’s a memorable in which I was reminded that it truly IS better to give than to receive.

We visited a small church in a very poor part of town. When we ask the pastor what needs he had, he mentioned that he had no instruments to use in church, and a guitar would help tremendously. That’s when God put a thought in my spirit… A thought that I wrestled with for the next day or two.


I had a guitar with me. It’s a guitar with tremendous sentimental value. I had it since before my first kid was born. And now he is a teenager and a member of the team on this very Mexico trip! I’ve recorded albums with this guitar, sung thousands of songs on it, and now God is prompting me to give it away. I fought Him on this, recounting all of the reasons why this guitar (which I called by it’s nickname “Al”) should stay with me. The reasons weren’t good enough to stop a change in ownership, and I knew it. I knew I was supposed to give it away.

As long as these were my thoughts, I could change my mind in selfishness. So I knew I needed to put it out there and tell a friend, and then I couldn’t take it back. So I told my friend, Derick, who is in my life a tremendous example of selflessness. And there it was. That night, I’d play some songs and tell of my history with the guitar, and inform him that I just played my last song on it, and that it was now his to play.

I want to be clear on something. I don’t write this to brag in any way. I know Jesus says that when you give not to announce it. I can’t brag about this anyway. The way I fought God on this internally doesn’t put me in a very good light! I write this to encourage you, that if you feel the promptings of God to sacrifice and give something away to someone less fortunate, do it! Don’t fight Him. You’ll lose. Or you might miss out on the blessing of giving.

What a sweet moment is was! I get emotional just thinking about it. Seeing my brother in Christ play his first song on my old guitar. You’ll have to just watch it for yourself. My now teenage son recorded the exchange:



Mexico Mission Trip

I recently went back to Mexico on a short trip. I didn’t travel with the group. My family actually went down to see our friends where we used to live on the border, and then I met up with the team (walked across a 2 mile long bridge in the middle of nowhere!).

One neat thing about this trip was that the group of 40 or so were from 5 different churches (and different denominations too). We all had one singular purpose. Like most of my posts, allow me to let the video do the talking.

I edited this for this morning’s church service using photos and video I took as well as other pictures from others in the group.

Jesus, Friend of Sinners

“Break our hearts for what breaks Yours”

This is a video I put together for GNPI before being hired. Since joining the team, we’ve acquired a license to stream the music video. If you like Casting Crowns, be sure to check out our version of “Jesus, Friend of Sinners.” If you like it or if it convicts you in any way, please share it with your friends.

The Groots in South Africa

One of the things I like doing is making promos for missionaries that I know. I see it as a way that I can support them in helping get the word out on there work, so others will support them as well. The Groots are good friends of ours and will be doing some great work with Mercy Air (– fund # 9775). I filmed their message earlier in the week and spent all day yesterday piecing together this 20 min. presentation that they will take on the road with them to raise support and can use online as well.

Allow me to introduce you to “The Groots in South Africa”:

NOMaD 1•2•3

There are many causes out there. Some get more attention than others, and that’s fine. Here’s a cause that I believe is a good one, like so many others.  I was asked to create this 90 second promo for NOMaD 1•2•3, a sponsorship program from Good News Production International. I’m honored to have been able to play a small part in this worthy project.

Please watch the short promo to see this is all about:

[vimeo 38101622]

Though, I made this spot several months ago, tonight is when it launched. I got to watch GNPI’s annual banquet streaming online. With the launch of this new program they stated that they were praying for at least 150 people to sign up for $10 a month and this worthy cause TONIGHT. Whether you’re reading this on the 8th of March, or afterward, would you consider joining me and becoming a sponsor, and also praying for the active NOMaD teams and future teams, and share this with at least 3 of your friends????

Mission Trip

Here’s a quick edit for Sunday’s Spanish service of some footage taken on the mission trip.  The song is by Jesus Adrian Romero.  It speaks of a the abundant harvest and the scarcity of workers.  Then it says, “Here I am, send me.”  Enjoy the sights of Hidalgo, Mexico and pray for the ongoing ministry in these places.

Back from Mexico

I’m back and swine flu free! This blog is covering the trip-  I’ll probably post something personal later.  Now I have to capture 2 hours of footage from the trip.


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My First “Man on the Street”

December 3, 2008 Leave a comment

Man on the street from the National Missionary Convention in Tulsa, OK this November.

From a production point, notice on the three different versions how Smartsound Quicktracks make it very easy to change the length of the soundtrack to fit the differnent legths of videos.

I’ll be uploading these to sermonspice and donating all my royalties towards missions and aid world-wide.

Mexico- Aztec Country

November 7, 2008 Leave a comment

Recently I went down to La Huasteca- the mountains in the state of Hidalgo, Mexico.  There are remote villages up there where Spanish is not even spoken.  The music you hear on this is in this dialect.  God is opening doors there.  In one of the villages I went to, the missionary was threatened with his life several months ago.  They blocked the road and had their machetes out.  But we were there recently and no problem.  I’ll be going back in January.  Let me post something from an upcoming article of mine in Christian Video Magazine:

 About one month ago I took a trip into Aztec country in the mountains of Mexico.  I was able to minister in several villages where the church is just beginning to grow.  In some of these places there has been persecution of Christians.  In most of these villages Spanish is not the first language, and many do not even speak Spanish.  I know Spanish, but I don’t speak or even understand there other dialects.  I went ahead and brought my laptop, as the missionaries asked me to.  I had my doubts about using my multi-media presentation of music, moving images, and illustration videos.  I was thinking that I was not in Kansas anymore.  But to my amazement the videos did really well.  Those that could not understand Spanish could relate to the images.  Some saw things they maybe never have seen before, but were moved by it.  There was a lot of positive feedback.  Those services could’ve gone all night, but many of the people had walked hours in the rain and mud to get there and had the same journey to make to get home again.  I’m going to get some new material and go down there again soon.  It was a wonderful experience seeing their faces light up. Video played a roll in this ministry.

Of course God is doing a lot more down there.  Video is minor in this case.  But please pray for continued success in this ministry and for more doors to open.  Here’s a slide show with pictures:

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