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Forced Media Fast



I’m a person who you could say is “wired”. I’m constantly connected to the internet. My devices chirp when I have a certain type of notification. I like to keep my email inbox at zero. You don’t have to be a tech junkie like me to realize that it’s good every once in a while to disconnect in order to reconnect with others and with yourself and God, for that matter.

I was able to have what you might call a “forced media fast.” I went to visit my sister in Las Vegas, and then proceeded to join up with her church group on a Mexico mission trip. Talk about going from one world to another!

The Vegas Strip is an over-saturated media frenzy, with a steady stream of advertisements clamoring for your attention on gigantic screens, whose razor sharp images stand in stark contrast against the dark desert sky. It’s a place where glamor and visual stimuli is delivered in excess and you run the risk of over-dosing. I left this place and drove to the border to spend a week covered in Mexico dust, sleeping in a tent, taking daily baby wipe showers. No electricity, no phone, no iPad, no Twitter, Facebook or email, and no TV. I was completely in radio silence!

Did I miss the chirping sounds and beeps and emails and shows and news and sports (this includes March Madness). No! You’d think someone like me would go crazy without any technology around, but the weird thing is that it was refreshing to go without these forms of media for a time. Sure I was busy with other things without much time for distractions, but even in the downtimes, their absence was a welcome one. The relationships and connections with people created real and lasting memories. The tacos were great as well. Funny thing is that the people I met in person in Mexico are now my online friends too!

Now, I am back in Vegas, with all the modern amenities one could need, including hot showers. I’m slowly catching up on email and what I’ve missed. What have I missed? In all honesty, not much. Just my wife and kids. Maybe you should go off the grid sometime too?

Christmas Media

November 29, 2011 Leave a comment

There is a lot of great Christmas media to choose from for your church events. Worship House Media has a Christmas store with offerings from the greatest producers in the Christian media business. This post features some of my Christmas media that is being offered. You have so many choices at your disposal. Thanks for stopping by and checking out these products.


The Red Dragon of Christmas is definitely a bold choice. It’s my latest illustration and packs a lot of info into a short amount of time. It’s designed to have the teaching built around its theme. To that end I’ve included a 4 page Leaders Guide PDF in the download to help develop the teaching segment. It’s not your typical Christmas feel good message, though it does have a happy ending. It will open eyes to whole new way of looking at the Christmas nativity story. (Search “red dragon” on this blog for more posts about this video.)

This was last year’s video illustration, with a similar storybook feel. It’s the Christmas narrative of Luke 2, but taken from The Bible in Rhyme. It is read by the author of The Bible in Rhyme Kyle Holt’s son. This heart-warming piece is sure to inspire people both young and old with a new interpretation of a classic text.


Test your knowledge of the Biblical Christmas account with this countdown quiz. These True or False questions are not as easy as they may seem.

This is a fun 5 minute countdown where you will have to guess the Christmas movie quote. It contains a surprisingly meaningful message though!

The content of this classic is a lot of fun. Try to guess the Christmas carol represented in the phrase. For example: “Nocturnal Timespan of Unbroken Quietness” = “Silent Night”.

Perfect for winter time. The sights and sounds of a real fireplace with some beautiful piano music as an added bonus.


The links for individual Christmas motions can be found in this collection. Get them all here with a bonus (matching) countdown:

[vimeo 17693826]


Seamless loops- RED and GREEN- perfect for Christmas season or any other.


Click on the “stills” tab on the link below for different Christmas stills.

Father’s Day Media

I wanted to create a new illustration for this Father’s day that was cinematic on DSLR, but since the Joplin Tornado happened, I’m going to have to save it for next year. So here’s some older Father’s day media that I have available:

This countdown was popular last year:

This illustration is from several years ago (also available en español) – Spanish Version


The Bible in Rhyme

I’m enjoying partnering with The Bible in Rhyme using its poetry for videos.  Kyle Holt spent three years writing this book.  I hope to make videos of some of the most famous passages in the next year.  Here’s the first.

I mentioned this in my latest article for the CVMagazine-
Download, even in HD at –

Better than I imagined it.

What was Jesus thinking? What was on His mind while he endured the cross? YOU were. This short dramatic piece is perfect for Easter or any other church service, communion meditation, etc. Hebrews 12:2 and 2:9 are cited. THIS CAME TOGETHER NICELY AND TURNED OUT BETTER THAN I HAD ENVISIONED IT!

Emily helped inspire this idea back after Easter.  I’ve switched to doing most of my work in After Effects now instead of Premiere. I’m getting comfortable and faster in this awesome program. I have a ton to learn still. I started this video early in the week, little by little, mornings, nights, lunch hours, my day off yesterday. Also, my wife, who helped inspire this video after Easter, helped with the tedious After Effects YOU animation after I taught her the process for that bit.

The opening sequence was made from scratch. So was the mosaic. is for sale for $30. I liked it, but one, didn’t want to spend the money, two, it was for a later version than my old 6.5 version, three, I wanted to see if I could reconstruct it w/out the help of a tutorial, just by my own knowledge, and I did.

To download this file:

A Free Video for You

Thanks for stopping by fishxpressions blog.  Because you came to check things out, have a free video:

Download it by right-clicking and “Save Target As” to your computer:

The song is used with permission from Daniel Bashta (– by the way his album is free or by donation) and the potter is Doug Marks (who goes into great detail in his book and conferences which he performs and you can contact him if you want more info at  I hope you enjoy the video and can use it effectively for the Kingdom.  God bless!

Hurry! 10 free videos from

February 17, 2009 2 comments users – a special offer from
As a non-profit ministry, we know that you’re trying to make the most out of every dollar. This year you can literally SAVE HUNDREDS of dollars by using our library of over 600 video sermon illustrations for only $1.99 each. It’s the same high quality you are used to, but at a price that puts money back into your budget.

To get you started, we’ve highlighted our Top 10 Video Sermon Illustrations below. There is also a promotional code at the bottom of this email that allows you to download 10 FREE Video Sermon Illustrations. This is only for the first 1,000 people to respond, so start downloading today.
Visit to search through over 600 Video Sermon Illustrations – priced at $1.99 every day and give your budget a break.

Checkout with promo code: CentralToday – valid for the first 1000 people.


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February 17, 2009
All Around the World – Well known church technology site Church Tech Matters, is opening its door wide, adding new writers, a new look, and new community building tools all designed to help the church effectively use technology to reach people for Christ.
CTM was founded in October of 2004 as the weblog of Jim Walton. Over time, the site grew to become a valuable resource for both church staff and volunteers, looking at both technical and non-technical topics. Church Tech Matters has been the generous outflow of Jim’s experience, passion and observations as he has served as a volunteer technical leader in 2 churches, as well as a consultant to churches seeking to use technology effectively.
After four years of outreach and growth, Jim has opened the doors of Church Tech Matters, to broaden the site’s reach, and increase its effectiveness. Jim is now leading a core team of dedicated, talented and passionate tech volunteers from around the world as they write about their experiences and reach out to an even larger audience.

The site’s purpose remains unchanged: To equip the church to effectively use technology to reach people for Christ.  What changes is how that purpose will be realized. Church Tech Matters is now a site dedicated to church tech volunteers, written by church tech volunteers, and the people who lead them.

Please join us as we begin this next chapter of the journey Church Tech Matters.  New features and resources are on the way, as we seek to build a community for the volunteers who make technology in the church sing.  The newest addition to the site is a forum, a place for you to ask questions, answer questions, interact with the  Church Tech Matters authors and more.

Jim’s involvement with Church Tech Matters continues, but he has stepped back and let go of the reins, so to speak, to allow this site to become more than it ever has been.

You’re invited to join this experiment, by subscribing via RSS, or via Email.  You should also join the site forum at  You can also join the CTM Facebook group, our LinkedIn group (coming soon) or follow us on Twitter @CTMatters.

Please join us as we kick off this site for church tech volunteers written by church tech volunteers.

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Worship Media Christmas Gift

December 12, 2008 Leave a comment

My December article in Christian Video Mag is a Christmas gift with links to all sorts of free media for church use.  After I wrote and submitted it, as I previously blogged, decided to give away a free video every day until Christmas, so don’t miss out on that.


My article:

Whole issue:

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