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Pray for Joplin

May 23, 2011 2 comments

Joplin is my hometown. I moved there in ’94 from Santiago, Chile. I lived there all through high school and college. My family is there on both sides. I have many friends there.

My parents were on the highway. Thanks to a bathroom break they avoided being blown off the pavement like many others ahead of them. My in-laws received some damage at the house, being a few blocks from total devastation. Two of there properties down the road are gone. But they are fine.

A couple of friends lost their homes. Reports are still coming in. It’s unreal to see my dear Joplin on Good Morning America and other national news. Cell service is spotty, those with a connection are using facebook as a information highway– people checking on people.

Chopper footage here:

Reports are saying this could be an EF 4 that took out 30% of the town.  St John’s hospital looks like a bomb went off. Home Depot and so many other places are leveled. Memorial Hall is a triage center as Freeman Hospital is accepting life-threatening cases only. The power is out and traffic is a mess. I know that local churches are mobilizing all sorts of rescue efforts and creating shelters, etc. At least 89 are dead and hundreds wounded.

What is needed? I’m sure water, cots, blankets, that type of thing. But also prayer. It’s a powerful thing…more so than this ferocious tornado. If you believe that than pray for this city in the coming months. It’s a city of much faith. The home of Ozark Christian College and Christ in Youth (CIY) and many other great organizations. That faith is shaken, but while vehicles, buildings, and homes are taken away, you can’t take faith away.

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