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Great is Thy Faithfulness

My sister is getting married today. I’m excited for her! God IS faithful.

I’ll be playing this song at the wedding while her friend sings it. It’s a great hymn! A classic.

Here’s a little video I shot over a lunch break to show her friend the arrangement. I think sometime in the future I might want to do another home studio recording of an album or EP of pure hymns.

All in a Day’s Work

February 21, 2009 Leave a comment

So I’ve been looking forward to making this video.  Worship 1/2 has had some great success on sermonspice.  A lot of churches have used it- even some conferences.  This is the sequel.  I get to work on videos on my days off.  Today is Friday, so I got to shoot the video (thanks to Emily, my wife, for dropping the kids off with a sitter and helping me behind the camera).  As always when I have my footage, I want to edit until it’s done.  I had a relatively quick edit.  Some of the tricky overlays I already had done.  I just needed the footage.  Since I did my overlays before shooting, I didn’t want to do them over again.  My footage was wrong in that I was standing on the wrong side, where the graphics were.  To fix this, I did a “horizontal flip” effect.  So I look like a left-handed guitarist and drummer!

To download:

I made this countdown before having the idea for another CD spoof:

The original CD spoof is here:

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