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New York in Under 2 Minutes!

December 16, 2018 1 comment

My wife and I recently visited New York and here’s a travel highlights vlog for you. It’s called New York in two minutes, but I guess it’s mostly Manhattan if you want to get technical. I loved it there. It reminded me a lot of Santiago, Chile, where I grew up.

Enjoy the sites with us!

Before Summer is Over!

Gotta enjoy the sun before summer is over! So we got a boat for 4 hours and had a blast. Even Emily, who has legit thalassophobia (intense and persistent fear of open water) even got on the tube. It was only for about 30 seconds, but that’s an historic occasion! And I was there to capture it on GoPro. It was a great time with family. I got swimmer’s ear pretty bad after that first cliff jump, but essential oils came to the rescue that night.

That’s about it. Enjoy the video and enjoy the sun before it’s gone…

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When you’re a filmmaker, home movies get edited.

What’s worse then watching home movies in real-time? OK, so it’s not THAT bad, but who has time for it these days? As a filmmaker, I’d much rather see an edited version of events! The other day was the first day of Summer break, so I took the day off to go to the lake. I took my GoPro and iPhone, and the next day took a few hours to put this video together. We all had a lot of fun, and the video shows it. Well, all except for my oldest son, who got a nice nap in! I’m still sore from the kids jumping off my shoulders, but memories were created, so that’s worth it! Enjoy our little summer days video:

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#ALS #IceBucketChallenge (in slow motion)

I didn’t want to do the Ice Bucket Challenge. But I was challenged to do it. So I decided that I’d do it differently than everyone else. I ended up doing a 3 camera set up including GoPro, and shot it at 60 frames per second so I could slow it down.

My wife’s grandmother was just diagnosed with ALS. My father in law was the one that challenged me. I’m glad to donate (having done my homework on it) and am happy to do it in her honor. I just am in favor of giving to multiple causes and charities and while I’m glad for all the awareness being raised for ALS, there are so many other things to give toward, so I’m hoping people don’t neglect those. Stay generous, people!

Be Still

I drive 45 minutes to work every day. 30 minutes of that is highway. It’s a nice drive; doesn’t bother me too much. Some people drive 45 minutes in rush hour traffic (no thanks!).

The other day I timelapsed the drive. I wish I could drive as fast as the video! Then I decided to combine the timelapse with regular speed GoPro driving and put a message on the video.

The result is “Be Still” from GNPI:

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