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Videos for the fourth of July.  The Top Row middle and right are my videos “Freedom is Not Free” and a new one “Liberty”.  They are discounted with the coupon code “FIREWORKS4”.



This video was put together this week in time for memorial day.  It has a similar feel to my “Freedom is not Free” video.  It parallels the statue of liberty’s symbolism with the good news of the Bible.

To purchase and download:

Freedom is Not Free

Tomorrow is Memorial Day.  Thanks to all the veterans (present and past) who have given much to secure our liberty and freedom in this country.

We did not show “Freedom is Not Free” at our church, because they had already seen it.  Last year for the 4th of July it was #2 on sermonspice.  So naturally I thought it had pretty much ran its course.  But much to my surprise and delight, it did very well for this memorial day weekend.  I think it was shown in almost 150 different churches today.  That’s incredible.  I was astonished yesterday to see it on the second page, I counted 15th.  Then this morning I opened it up and saw that it was on the first page, and sure enough, top 10 again, 4th to be exact.  (Picture below shows it at 7th.)

Praise God!  I’m glad it is touching pastors and leaders enough that they would want to project it in front of their congregations.  If you haven’t seen it yet, here is the link.

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