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Father’s Day Media

I wanted to create a new illustration for this Father’s day that was cinematic on DSLR, but since the Joplin Tornado happened, I’m going to have to save it for next year. So here’s some older Father’s day media that I have available:

This countdown was popular last year:

This illustration is from several years ago (also available en español) – Spanish Version


Crazy Things Dads say

I know Father’s Day already passed, but it’s been forever since I updated this blog, so I’m catching up.  Anyway, this crazy countdown got up on sermonspice just in time for Father’s Day and in the countdowns category, it was the #2 Father’s Day countdown.  I tried to make it available on other sites that I’m branching out into, but it didn’t happen soon enough!

For download and HD option-

My Baby Daughter’s Debut

September 28, 2009 Leave a comment

Is God’s love for us like the love of the parents of a newborn? I think even more so. With a passage from John 1.

and in Spanish…

A Father’s Day Video for Church

Download full res version to use at your church:–a-father-27s-gift

Father’s Day- around the bend

May 24, 2008 1 comment

Here’s my video for father’s day. It was fun to make. I had the basic idea a long time ago, but just now made the time for it. For a two minute video, it sure took a lot of different shots, but was mostly filmed on one day. Again, when working with kids, it’s kind of hard. They were excited at first, and by the end ready to get the shooting done and over with. I’m pleased at how it came out. I hope the message will touch some men. What do you think?

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