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Forced Media Fast



I’m a person who you could say is “wired”. I’m constantly connected to the internet. My devices chirp when I have a certain type of notification. I like to keep my email inbox at zero. You don’t have to be a tech junkie like me to realize that it’s good every once in a while to disconnect in order to reconnect with others and with yourself and God, for that matter.

I was able to have what you might call a “forced media fast.” I went to visit my sister in Las Vegas, and then proceeded to join up with her church group on a Mexico mission trip. Talk about going from one world to another!

The Vegas Strip is an over-saturated media frenzy, with a steady stream of advertisements clamoring for your attention on gigantic screens, whose razor sharp images stand in stark contrast against the dark desert sky. It’s a place where glamor and visual stimuli is delivered in excess and you run the risk of over-dosing. I left this place and drove to the border to spend a week covered in Mexico dust, sleeping in a tent, taking daily baby wipe showers. No electricity, no phone, no iPad, no Twitter, Facebook or email, and no TV. I was completely in radio silence!

Did I miss the chirping sounds and beeps and emails and shows and news and sports (this includes March Madness). No! You’d think someone like me would go crazy without any technology around, but the weird thing is that it was refreshing to go without these forms of media for a time. Sure I was busy with other things without much time for distractions, but even in the downtimes, their absence was a welcome one. The relationships and connections with people created real and lasting memories. The tacos were great as well. Funny thing is that the people I met in person in Mexico are now my online friends too!

Now, I am back in Vegas, with all the modern amenities one could need, including hot showers. I’m slowly catching up on email and what I’ve missed. What have I missed? In all honesty, not much. Just my wife and kids. Maybe you should go off the grid sometime too?

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