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Bowling with Jon Scheyer

March 21, 2011 3 comments

Last night I went to a season ticket’s party with the Vipers. They recently acquired NCAA champion Jon Scheyer. I first spoke to him at the snack bar. We talked about his alma mater’s close victory just an hour earlier in the day. He came off of one defending champion team onto another. Later we’d be bowling on the lane next to his.

I reminded him to follow through. He was doing much better than I, at one point with two strikes in a row. I brought to his attention that one more would be a Turkey, and he said I jinxed him. Well, I looked up at the screen later and saw two gutter balls after the two strikes! He was playing two lanes and started goofing off. I told him to put some spin on it and on the first try made a spare this way. After a high five, most using this method ended up in the gutter. I didn’t have a nice camera, but got this blurry pic in the dark off of my phone. I didn’t ask for an autograph but won a ball autographed by the team!

I told him I was glad he’s with the team. He’s been playing really well lately and can help the Vipers defend their title come playoffs. He sustained an injury to his eye,  in Summer league with the Heat.

Now he wears goggles when he plays. I’m selfishly hoping he stays with the team for the playoffs, but that he quickly makes his way into the NBA. He’s a great player and a really nice guy.

After I got home I sent him a tweet. I saw him with his phone earlier, wondering if he was tweeting, and he was. He quickly responded to mine:

fishxpressions Gregory Fish: “@JonScheyer bowling was fun. nice spare with the crazy spin!”
JonScheyer Jon Scheyer@”@fishxpressions thank u sir! Haha. All skill.”

Here’s a good article:

Here’s to Jon!

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