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In the Potter’s House dot COM

Here’s my final illustration for my ex-professor and friend Doug Mark’s book.

you can see the other’s at a website I built for him:


Some things must be removed

It’s the fourth of July.  And instead of being with family, I’m making videos.  My fam is out of town right now.  I’m home alone, a perfect time to get some work done (besides it being a holiday).  This is my latest piece in the Potter series, from Douglas Marks book “30 Days in the Potter’s House”

First of a new series

New video, first of a series.  I used Andrew Kramer’s Old Film tuturial-  Narration is from the book “30 Days in the Potter’s House” by Douglas Marks-

First Potter Edit

I recently took some footage of an ex-professor of mine, a great man and friend, Doug Marks throwing a pot on his potter’s wheel.  He did one of his wonderful conferences at our church.  We were so blessed and maybe you can be too.  Email him for info on hosting a conference or to obtain his book:  Then I found this song by Daniel Bashta.  I obtained permission to use it and edit it down for time.  Daniel’s info and CD is available for free even or for a donation at  Here’s my first edit with my pottery footage:

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