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Camping leaves the Prediction Camp

November 1, 2011 Leave a comment

I saw this article today- and my reaction was “Thank God.” It’s about time Mr. Camping  gave this up. I’ve written a couple of posts about FamilyRadio’s  former head (you can search my blog for “harold camping”).

In a 5 min. message on their website he admits that they need some more humility before the Lord and says that they have to be very careful not to dictate to God what He should do or when He should do it. He is God and He is in control. He said God will reveal truth to us in His time. He says “We are simply learning, and sometimes it’s painful to learn.” He mentioned that there was a level of embarrassment for Family Radio through their ordeal. He also admits in his message, “Oh Lord, I don’t know anything. Lord, You teach me.  And that’s the attitude that has to be a part of each one of us.” He also apologized for saying that people who did not believe that the rapture would occur on May 21 were not saved. “I should not have said that, and I apologize for that.”

Well, that’s a far different tune than previously stating over and over again that the rapture would occur on certain dates (possibly even 20, said one follower)  “beyond the shadow of a doubt.”

Is he really done predicting? I hope so. I still feel for those who gave up everything on this falsity. 80 million dollars could have gone to much better uses!

What will happen on October 21?

October 20, 2011 1 comment

Well, if the kids are feeling better, we may go to sand castle days on the island. But my real question was what will happen tomorrow in the whole “end of the world” category? What will happen??????

Here are some posts I wrote about the delusional Harold Camping.

Here’s an interesting article from the daughter of two devout followers of Camping.

Not as much press this time around, huh?  Good.  I’m not surprised.

Family Radio (Before and After)

May 24, 2011 2 comments

Here is Harold Camping’s Family Radio website homepage on May 21st:

Here is the homepage after:

I fortunately snagged the image from the former before they changed it. The latter has been stripped of all things May 21st.

All this is no surprise to me, if you read my “The End is Near?” post and comments I made under it. I predicted this stance that Harold Camping has taken, and it’s a much better and wiser prediction than any he’ll ever make. He’s back peddling now, like he did in 1994. Is he really “flabbergasted” and “dumbfounded”. Can he really figure out what he did wrong in his calculations? I’ll tell you what he did wrong. He calculated. All based off of a wrong premise. October 21, 2011 will be no different. He wasn’t off by five months, he was off by bad hermeneutics. No amount of time and figuring will help. People need to stop believing him. I’m amazed that some people, still follow him after May 21st. Some believe God delayed his judgment because of their prayers! They’ll believe anything except that Camping is a fraud. Either a fraud or a confused old man.

I try to be nice in my posts. Too many go the opposite extreme and are downright mean an “unchristian” in their attacks. A firm stance is one thing. He is a false teacher and prophet, with zero credibility. But being crude is also uncalled for.

This post has some good points and stories in it:

This one too:

Here’s Harold claiming to need some time to think before doing any interviews.

He say he needs time to think? How about thinking about returning people the money they gave you to follow your message? Why didn’t you sell your house before the rapture if you weren’t going to need it? This is plain ridiculous. His poor followers fund his delusions. They need to turn to the truth. All this crying wolf is an abuse that will numb people into believing it’s all a myth. Instead we need to live like perhaps today Christ could return. Are we truly ready? Are we busy doing his work? Not renting billboards that promote a false, dangerous, and embarrassing date-setting message. Real ministry! This devo scripturally makes a case for doing just that: It’s worth the short read! Scripturally speaking, it’s not for us to know times and seasons, but rather we are to Be Busy About Ministry Until The Lord Returns.

I’m done with all this Harold Camping stuff. I first saw them in February and was anxious to expose his heresy. But it’s a waste of time and effort. It’s simply not worth my time. On to more important things like doing real ministry. My hometown of Joplin, MO is suffering greatly right now, and not due to any of Camping’s predictions. Here’s a trusted place where you can give to help relief efforts in that devasted town- It’s better than giving to other organizations because 100% goes to the relief effort and faster than others. It’s SOOOOOOO much better than giving anything to Family Radio or Harold Camping!!!!

I’d never give to Camping, but I am giving to Joplin relief and so should you!

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