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Darrell Evans “O What a Wonder” (Live)

November 17, 2014 Leave a comment

Darrell Evans is one of the great worship leaders of our time. I’ve listened to his songs for a long time now and every time I’ve seen him live, there are some amazing times of intimate worship. Last night was no exception. The venue was different. It was a house concert, and everyone present knew each other. I only knew Darrell, but these kind folks welcomed me in as family. We ate finger foods and then sat down in the living room, and then here’s a sample of what happened… (3:50 is my favorite part of this video)

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Darrell Evans Interview

September 27, 2011 Leave a comment

A year ago, I interviewed Darrell Evans on worship. I thought it’d be good to post it here now, especially since he just launched a kickstarter campaign for a new worship project. Darrell’s a great guy, and his thoughts on worship and the Christian life were so good, so let me share it with you now:



Here’s a new song that will be on the new album (live from our church):


Last, but not least, consider pledging to Darrell’s kickstarter campaign. You can help make this project a reality, and get a CD as a benefit. What’s not to like about that? Find out more for yourself right here:

Darrell Evans

Darrell Evans came down for the weekend in late June.  It was awesome!  Here’s his new song, “You can never be praised enough” that I filmed.  He ministered on Saturday night, and then on Sunday I interview (and translated) him in the Spanish service.  Then we played with him (myself on the electric) and I interviewed him again, this time in english.  You can hear the interview by going to and clicking on the sermons link and finding it in the sermon player.

Here’s the promo video I made to promote the event:

New CD- Darrell Evans

November 24, 2008 1 comment


This last weekend I got to meet Darrell Evans and buy his CD at his release party in Tulsa, OK.  Then I got to hear him lead worship and give a talk (interview type) on worship.  This was really cool for me, being a worship leader myself, and a long-time fan of his.  It was awesome for me to be in the crowd and off the stage.  Darrell is a down to earth, geniune, transparent and sincere person.  I got to know the songs off the new CD pretty well, as I listened from Tulsa to Brownsville (15 hours driving)! 

I recommend it.  Order or download here:

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