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For Mother’s Day

Got Mother’s Day covered, but Easter’s first. Yesterday Emily and I had an idea for a cinematic Easter illustration. Here’s the companion to “Crazy Things Dads Say.” I like the last 30 seconds the best.

To download:

Can church capture the concert experience?

March 16, 2011 2 comments

What’s the appeal in going to a concert? I guess I should define what type of concert in order to better answer the question. There are lots of different types of concerts that appeal to different people for obvious reasons. I could enjoy most any concert, when there is a good performer of any genre (minus a few). Let’s just narrow the playing field a little and say pop/rock. For a big ticket group, it will be a sellout crowd who stops what they’re doing and has made arrangements and purchased a sometimes very expensive ticket to gain access to a certain venue. They have bought a seat, but they will not sit in it. They will stand and be engaged with what happening on the stage. Whether it’s a sci-fi looking light show or an intimate moment with one instrument. Not only this, they have memorized the songs pertaining to this concert and are ever-ready to chime in when the lead singer points the mic their way. They are absorbed in the moment and not just them, but rather everyone around. They’ve all come for the same. It’s a shared experience…a common exuberance. It’s a beautiful sound when countless people raise their voices in one accord. Yes, birds sing, but no other creature can come together and create such a moving and awesome sound as singing in unison. Single-minded and one in purpose.

I was listening to a live album the other day and these thoughts came in flooding my mind. That fact proves they were already there, just filed away for future thinking. I guess they can be summed up in the question “Why can’t church be like a concert?” Granted, there are major differences and for good reason, but couldn’t we take the best of the concert-going experience and apply it in our corporate worship gatherings? I realize our local praise band isn’t a international sensation and our light setup is not the flashy type and probably shouldn’t be. But, often the most moving time in a concert is when all that pizazz is stripped down anyway. I know worship is much more than singing, and I know there are examples where what I’m describing takes place in the local church, but allow me to make some unfortunate observations.

While I agree that church should not be like a concert the church-going crowd could learn something from the concert-going multitude. (At the same time concert attenders could learn from church! That’s not the point.) I’m just going to throw these points out at random and you can add to the discussion as well. As I mentioned in the description, concert-goers have dropped a pretty penny to get a seat. Church has no cover charge. Sure, there’s an offering plate that is passed. Is the amount given the same? More? Less???

Let’s move on. The concert-goer stands and does not complain about not being told to sit. Nor do they complain about the music being too loud. They sing out loud and strong, not caring about who is around them. They are not distracted by much of anything but are fully engaged. They are enthusiastic and make a joyful noise. They are prepared and dressed for the occasion. They have studied and done their homework on the subject. They don’t need the lyrics on the screen because they know the songs already. They don’t need to see the set list in a printed bulletin so they can plan their early exit to the nearest restaurant. They are open and uninhibited. They share a common interest and will remember fondly and cherish this mutual experience with others who were there. They go home happy and content having fellowshiped with their fellow man.

I recognize that Church can’t always be a high like a concert. And things must be done in order. I get that. But we could glean from some of these attributes. When I lead worship, it’s never my goal to perform like in a concert. In fact, I would pray, “Lord, make us invisible, let them see you.” That goes against the grain of the concert experience. That would never be a performer’s goal. People get fired up to sing about anything. And at church we have something great to sing about! When we come to God’s house to worship the only one who is truly worthy of praise and adoration, I sure wish we could corporately duplicate in a sincere way the passion that’s in a concert crowd.

This whole thought-process is dependent upon a modern worship music perspective. I’m not trying to get into the worship wars of traditional vs. contemporary. That’s for another post, and I for one can worship in a traditional setting or any other. Worship is to God. It’s not about our preferences. There are multiple expressions. Like I said, that’s not what this post is about. What can you add to this comparison or contrast?

The Christmas Story (Like you’ve never heard it before)

December 3, 2010 Leave a comment

 In those days Caesar Augustus issued a decree…  We know the words from Luke 2 by heart.  We hear them every year around Christmas time, as we are reminded that our Savior came down from heaven to earth.  I love those words and I love Christmastime.  Christmas and Advent videos abound in Christian circles.  There are new videos being made every year.  This year, my new video features that same text, but like you have never heard it before.  The next installment from my partners, The Bible in Rhyme, is “Luke 2”.  We are very excited about it! 

Download a full-res, no watermark version (HD or SD) here:

Read about the process of making this clip here:



Bulletin Bloopers

November 2, 2010 Leave a comment

Here’s a remake of a fun piece I did a while back.  I walk through the process in an article for Christian Video Magazine called “A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words”-

You can download an HD version (without the watermark) at-

Here’s the old versus the new thumbnail:

Fall Festival Highlights

November 2, 2010 Leave a comment

We had our Fall Festival at church recently and as always I throw together a little highlights video.  For this video I used my new Canon EOS 7D with a Canon 50mm 1.4 fs lens.  It was so bright I had some trouble seeing the LCD screen and focusing.  I haven’t bought a viewfinder addition yet.  I had to play with settings a little but still had over-exposed footage that I tried to fix in post.  It’s amazing what you can do with a flat video with a simple levels adjustment in After Effects!  To steady the shots a little I simply held it in my hands but put the strap around my next and held it out to where the straps were taut.  I haven’t bought a HDSLR Jaybilizer for it either yet.  I went through all my footage this way and then threw it into Premiere, added music and edited to the beat- everything from cuts to flying or bouncing balls.  I tried weaving a bit of a story.  The dunking booth served as bookends and the tricycles were a theme recapitulated (sorry had to get that word in).  Of course at the end is the message of why we put the Festival on, and that is that Jesus loves YOU!

Finally came to me

When I took a bunch of video on a ski trip with my friends, one of them asked me how many video illustrations I make out of them.  I told him that wasn’t the purpose of be filming.  Instead I did it to preserve the memory and make a little highlight video.  But then his question lingered in my mind.  Especially after I had my big fall.  What could be the message illustrated by this funny event?????  I left it for month’s and finally it came to me, and it was so simple.  What I did was just plain foolish, and proverbs talks a lot about that!  Here’s my new video illustration “A Fool’s Tale” compliments of my own folly!  Enjoy.

The Love of God

January 18, 2010 1 comment

Good for Valentine’s Day at church on a Sunday this year!

Next in the series

November 17, 2009 Leave a comment

I’m slowly creating videos from Mark E. Moore’s book “Encounters with Christ”.  Here’s the next one:

Thankful for…

November 15, 2009 Leave a comment


I relayed my ABCs of thanksgiving this morning in church.  However, I won’t post them here since they were in Spanish.  But have you thanked God for something starting with each letter of the alphabet lately?  It’s a good exercise.  And here’s a cute little video from the kids in our church!

My Software Shift

September 28, 2009 Leave a comment

My Software Shift
By Gregory Fish

Let me cut right to the chase. I always want to create better looking graphics and have better designed videos than I ever have put together. I see what others are putting out for churches to use and I say to myself that I would like to do something as professionally and visually appealing as what I am seeing. I could make excuses and determine that it is not possible. I could give up trying to improve because of a lack of formal training. I could say that my equipment and software is outdated. OR, I could learn new skills and put them to use. And so can you.

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whole magazine issue pdf-


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