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A Free Video for You

Thanks for stopping by fishxpressions blog.  Because you came to check things out, have a free video:

Download it by right-clicking and “Save Target As” to your computer:

The song is used with permission from Daniel Bashta (– by the way his album is free or by donation) and the potter is Doug Marks (who goes into great detail in his book and conferences which he performs and you can contact him if you want more info at  I hope you enjoy the video and can use it effectively for the Kingdom.  God bless!

Just Have Fun With it!


Excerpt from my new CVMag article: Many of us in Christian Video ministry in churches across the country don’t have formal training in all of the areas that we work in. Much of our learning comes “on the job” and through reading of publications (such as CVmag). I’m reminded of my kids when they start a new sport – soccer for instance. I know that they are not going to be like the great Pelé. They are just starting out. It’s ridiculous to make such an assumption! So what do we tell them? “Just go on out there and HAVE FUN WITH IT.” And they do…most of the time.

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Top 100 Page

Today the new top 100 page came out on  I was happy to see that “Church Bulletin Bloopers Countdown” was #14.  In the Top 20 Countdowns category it came in at #2!  It was 6th in the New Videos (90 days or less), and “Lukewarm Hymns CD Info” was 20th in the New Videos category.  “Worship 1/2” had been on the top 100 for some time, but worked its way off.  It’s probably 104th or so!!

Bundles are Better

Everything comes in bundles now a days.  Phone/ Cable/ Internet bundled.   Buy this cheese and get chips bundled with it.  Well I have some bundles too.

Since “Lukewarm Hymns CD Info” was just released I thought that I would bundle it together with its counterpart “Worship 1/2 CD Info”.  By themselves they are $15 a piece.  Together they are $25 for a savings of $5.  $5 could be a latte at Starbucks, two at McDonalds, or 10-15 at home.  In this economy bundles are better.

Here’s the link:

Other bundles of mine are:

Featured on Sermonspice’s Weekly Review!!

What is the weekly reveiw?

This– “View the latest videos that sure to communicate and connect to your audience.
See videos hand picked and previewed from among the over 13,000 videos on”

They picked one of mine!- (espisode 50 after this week).

I was just browsing sermonspice a little, seeing what other producers are up to, and I noticed a banner for the new weekly review.  It said something like “We do the digging, bringing you the best videos.”  I clicked and started watching.  As usual Daniel Temple came out but this time with someone else (the producer of all the “baked pickles” videos, whom I recognized) but behind them both…is me.  They have some multi-TV thing behind them, and I see me in the choir robe.  The first video they highlight is mine.  They do have to cut it way short, but they link it at the end AND give a code (good for a week) for $3 off.
It so crazy…I was floored when I stumbled upon this.  Just the other day I told Emily that I would love it if they would pick a video of mine (possibly this one) to highlight on the weekly review.  And they did!  I did nothing to arrange this.  So cool!  Fun stuff.

February Article CVmag



 Whole Issue:

My article alone:

A Worthy Investment
By Gregory Fish

For a long time now, I have wanted to upgrade some equipment. I wanted a video camera that had a better picture, and that had more options, etc. Why? For one reason, I wanted to be able to shoot some stock footage, and could not do it with a consumer camera. However, another reason is that I have a passion to give God the best I can possibly give Him. I am my own worst critic. And for a long time, I haven’t been pleased enough with the quality of my own productions. It’s something that I always strive to improve. Improvement comes mostly from a production standpoint, how well crafted the concepts are and whatnot. Improvement is also dependent on equipment, both hardware and software. So, I’ve been saving up for a while, and I finally spent some money. I believe it to be a very worthy investment. Let me tell you about what I bought.

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What is FishXpressions?

FishXpressions is an extension of Gregory Fish’s ministry.  He and his wife, Emily, are in full-time cross-cultural ministry.  Both share a passion for the production of visual media.  What started out as uploading one video to Sermonspice (Footprints in the Sand) has turned into a vast portfolio of video illustrations, countdowns, and backgrounds (in both English and Spanish).  Several FishXpressions videos have made the Top 100 page and a couple have been in the Top 5.  Gregory has written about his journey in Christian video in his column “Greg’s Video Toolkit” on Christian Video Magazine- a free online magazine-  He also maintains a production blog with tips and helpful links at

All in a Day’s Work

February 21, 2009 Leave a comment

So I’ve been looking forward to making this video.  Worship 1/2 has had some great success on sermonspice.  A lot of churches have used it- even some conferences.  This is the sequel.  I get to work on videos on my days off.  Today is Friday, so I got to shoot the video (thanks to Emily, my wife, for dropping the kids off with a sitter and helping me behind the camera).  As always when I have my footage, I want to edit until it’s done.  I had a relatively quick edit.  Some of the tricky overlays I already had done.  I just needed the footage.  Since I did my overlays before shooting, I didn’t want to do them over again.  My footage was wrong in that I was standing on the wrong side, where the graphics were.  To fix this, I did a “horizontal flip” effect.  So I look like a left-handed guitarist and drummer!

To download:

I made this countdown before having the idea for another CD spoof:

The original CD spoof is here:

Hurry! 10 free videos from

February 17, 2009 2 comments users – a special offer from
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FishXpressions Christmas Media

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