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The most meaningful trade of your life!

The next story in my series of stories of people I spent time with in Chile is Jairo and Chelsea’s story. I knew Jairo from when I lived in Chile, but had never met Chelsea before. Nonetheless they had me over to their house for a meal and a place to leave my luggage and crash for the night (actually stayed in the first house I ever lived in!).

I had found out about a project they were doing before I left for Chile, but got to see firsthand the excitement of what was taking place. I’d seen videos of times they’d appeared on national television. In fact, I left the house right before a film crew came to interview them again. Jairo is a teacher at a school in Santiago. He saw a kid with holes in his shoes, so he snapped a photo and put it up on an exchange site to trade for a new pair of shoes. IMG_4266That exploded into a project called “The most meaningful trade of your life!” and they are actually reconstructing houses for poor families.

One day I got to go to the store with them so they could buy all new tools with money from a donation. People at the store recognized them from TV and asked if they could help volunteer. In fact, they scheduled a work day for volunteers on Chile’s labor day, where EVERYTHING is closed. But they took their day off to labor out of love. I snapped this photo of them before they checked out at the door with the goods.

Chelsea wrote this note on her facebook page:

I need to send out a HUGE thank you to Huntington Christian School!! We were finally able to receive the donation they had made and so we went on a shopping spree for tools! For about six months now we have been reconstructing houses without even a hammer to use! This is a huge blessing and we are so thankful that there are so many wonderful people willing to worry about students that are all the way on the other half of the globe. We are seriously so thankful that all of this could be made possible and now we have our jumpstart and we are excited to go show God’s love to these children. Thank you so much for handing us the tools (literally) to be able to spread the good news of our savior. God bless you.

I was glad to connect with my friends and see how God is using them in a mighty way. Watch their video in English below!:

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