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Mexico Mission Trip

I recently went back to Mexico on a short trip. I didn’t travel with the group. My family actually went down to see our friends where we used to live on the border, and then I met up with the team (walked across a 2 mile long bridge in the middle of nowhere!).

One neat thing about this trip was that the group of 40 or so were from 5 different churches (and different denominations too). We all had one singular purpose. Like most of my posts, allow me to let the video do the talking.

I edited this for this morning’s church service using photos and video I took as well as other pictures from others in the group.

Video Contest Craze


0 templates

1 one minute video

2 original musical pieces

3 nights of production

4 of the cutest kids you’ve ever seen (and 4 happy meals as payment for their participation)

5 cinematic techniques (camera movement pans, dolly; stop motion animation; time remap (high speed); rack focus; live action)

6 actors

7 is a great number

35 different shots (at least) in 60 seconds of video

?? the number of likes on the post to win $2000 of essential oils for my wife (which she loves!).


I’ve entered a video contest and it’s kind of crazy. It’s more of a social media blitz than a video contest. None of the items mentioned above factors into the judging. In fact, there is no judging. It’s a popularity contest. The video with the most likes wins (quality video or not). I’m trying to be cool with that. Those are the rules and it is what it is.

This blog is mostly about the videos I make, and this is one of the latest. If you’re reading this, then maybe you have a semi-high to high standard of filmmaking. If that’s you, then we’d sure appreciate it if  you could help us out by voting (liking) our video at 



Jesus, Friend of Sinners

“Break our hearts for what breaks Yours”

This is a video I put together for GNPI before being hired. Since joining the team, we’ve acquired a license to stream the music video. If you like Casting Crowns, be sure to check out our version of “Jesus, Friend of Sinners.” If you like it or if it convicts you in any way, please share it with your friends.

You Are Supplied (preview)

There is a thread found in Scripture from start to finish that says, “You are supplied.” God takes care of his people. Always has and always will. This video traces some of those instances in the Bible making this point very clear. With preaching audio from Gerald Griffin and a superb soundtrack from Tony Anderson, this versatile mini-movie can expand on any topic involving God’s provision.

Personal note: I’ve had this video in mind for a long time. I edited and married Griff’s audio to Tony’s music and all that was left to do was animate it all together. I even ordered a big book where I got the images of Gustave Doré to use. But the video took a back seat to many other more pressing projects. I’m glad to finally have it put together. Enjoy!


Excerpts from Steadfast

It was just about two years ago that an EF-5 tornado ripped through the heart of Joplin. I will write more about it soon, but it’s obvious that it was an event of tremendous impact on so many. I was so moved by what I saw that I spent a lot of time and energy over the course of a year to produce a feature-length documentary that tells the whole story. It was really a labor of love, and I’m so happy when people watch it and report that it’s helped them heal in some way. That was my goal after all.

While I can’t show you all 90 minutes right now, I do have these four excerpts and the trailer to share with you. To see the rest, and about 30 minutes of extras, you can order the DVD, which is on sale right now for the month of May, for only $10 +shipping.

Check these out and more info at

Ozark Mountain Bluegrass at a Cabin from the 1800s

One of my latest video projects was to capture the events at the Adamson Cabin’s Bluegrass and Barbecue “Raise the Roof on the Cabin” fundraiser. This featured music from the Timberline Bluegrass Band, Spur of the Moment Bluegrass Band, Virginia Snyder, and Blackberry Winter Band, who did the soundtrack to the movie “Winter’s Bone.”

The day was cold and rainy, but the event drew a crowd nonetheless. I didn’t realize how cold my hands were around the camera until it was over and I attempted to thaw them, stiff as they were, with the car heater. I can only image playing an instrument in such weather! This did not put any sort of damper on the event. It was a lot of fun. And I hope the recap video shows it.

It was a little tricky being the lone shooter. Trying to cover various angles and crowd shots, and at the same time trying to capture some songs in their entirety was a bit of a challenge, but one I welcomed. I would’ve loved to have a second shooter, but I did what I could without that luxury. I knew what I shot, and my goal was to shoot to edit, so that made the editing process fairly easy and quick.

Whether you are a fan of Bluegrass or not, check out some good ol’ Ozark Mountain music!

A Prayer for Joplin (two years later)



Worship as a Lifestyle


The simple subtlety of this type on effect will get people’s attention at the start of your worship service. Right before singing, it will reinforce the point that worship is a lifestyle that extends way past the music we’ve come to identify as “worship.’ Every aspect of the service and life itself is our worship to God.

Worship Retreat Opening Video

February 11, 2013 Leave a comment

The Respond Worship Retreat was last weekend, and was a success! I can now share the video that I made to kick off the whole retreat. The countdown got to zero, the lights went dim and the video played. Hopefully it helped put people at ease and prepared them for what they were about to take part in. I had the idea for this video within minutes of finishing up our first planning meeting after coming on board with the organizers of the event.

Here it is:

What people are saying about “Steadfast”?

January 2, 2013 1 comment


The following are comments from the 2012 DVD release. The new version is even better!

A superb documentary! “Steadfast” not only tells the story of Joplin’s indomitable spirit after the tornado, but also resonates the faith, hope, and love that brings out the best in all of us. Hats off to you for putting it together in such a professional, entertaining, and uplifting manner! –Tim Bartow

While other writings and films about the tornado focus on events, this film focuses on people. “Steadfast” is an inspiring story in the midst of tragedy and devastation. – Jacque Gage

Absolute Blessing!!! Thank you so much for this Documentary, left there feeling HOPEFUL and UPLIFTED!!! –Michele Lucas Fry

I was very moved by this documentary and was waiting for a flood of tears and sorrow, but it was a great mix of heroes, loss, and even some much needed light-hearted moments to remember that we (Joplin) survived and are thriving despite the tragedy! –Bryan Davis

A beautiful story of hope! It’s about an ugly day in our lives, that turned into many beautiful and encouraging days of God’s works! –Linda Jarvis Teeter

I thought Greg did a wonderful job! I was a bit nervous because we haven’t really watched many videos or even looked at the books. I felt very blessed when we left and will watch the DVD again. –Sonja Hoover-Harper

Watched it all—very well done! Thank you for doing this. It is emotional, but I am glad I set aside my fear of dealing with these emotions and watched it. You should too! It will help you heal. –Jane Dye

Amazing film, Gregory Fish! Thank you for telling Joplin’s story. You did an awesome job of capturing the emotions. Thank you, again. –Deborah Morris

Most excellent!! –Pam Braxdale Harrington

Amazing! Thank you for all of your hard work! –Kristin McCarthy Perry

It was tremendous. –Elaine Francis

It was beautiful, Greg. Congratulations! –Tammy Nelson

Awesome job Greg!!! Steadfast was touching, funny and heartfelt! 5 Stars! –Pam Corwin Dudley

Steadfast, the documentary was precious, powerful, touching, moving and honoring of our town, our God and those who lost loved ones and homes. Thank you for your work, your heart, and your gifts! –Tammy Benson

Excellent job Mr. Fish! Glad I was able to be a part of the showing tonight. You really captured the tragedy and the resilience very well in a short 90 minutes. Looks like ya had a great turn out too, so that was awesome. Sleep well. Ya did good tonight, kid, real good! –Jay Tepe

Excellent Job! –Spencer Aggus

“Just attended the premiere of “Steadfast: The Documentary” and it was GREAT! Very touching and inspiring! It reminds me yet again of why I love this town and why I’m so proud of this community. I highly recommend it. Thanks, Gregory Fish, for all your hard work and congratulations on a job well done!” –Mandie Jennings

2 thumbs up and 5 stars for an awe-inspiring debut of “Steadfast, The Documentary”, which played tonight to a packed house at College Heights Christian Church in Joplin. Thank you, Greg, for using your divine talents to serve and bless so many people. –Van Benson

It was a hair-raising documentary, that left you speechless and awe struck at the devastation and the resilience of a community. –Scott McGill

The “Steadfast” documentary highlighted a God-honoring response by a community hit by one powerful tornado. –Dave Case

Just watched Steadfast. Excellent production of the May 22, 2011 tornado and aftermath. To all my friends who have been here to volunteer…you will want to see it. -Desiree Keyes Limkeman

Great job Mr. Fish!! Impressive!! –Misti Terterman Tackett

Well done, young man!! Well done!!! –Jim Cruzan

A great story. Very well presented! –Elizabeth Robertson

Proud doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about my little brother and the work he did on this documentary. I had seen over half of it, but he wrapped it up beautifully and I was moved to tears along with hundreds of other people that watched Joplin’s story unfold before our eyes. Good job, Gregory Fish! –Charissa Robinett

Excellent documentary on the Joplin tornado: uplifting, inspiring, with moments of levity, and seriousness. Good job, Gregory Fish! –David Fish

It was beautifully done! I know there are so many of us that will never be the same because of the tornado and all that we went through. Greg did a wonderful job of capturing the experience of the tornado. We are all forever changed for the better. Experiences like the tornado are never easy but sometimes through painful times we really grow. Thank you for all your hard work and for sharing the film with us! –Christine Segal

Thank you for telling Joplin’s story– a story of hope, of faith, of God! The only way we can make it through and will continue to live and move and have our being is in Him! –Pamela Praytor

You did an outstanding job, Greg! Thanks for all your hard work. -Gary & Randa Reed

Steadfast is a tool that should be in the library of all grief counselors! -Lance Hostetter

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