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Steadfast 2.0

My film, Steadfast, should really be called Steadfast 2.0. The original 90 minute version has been revised, enhanced, updated, and shortened. The reason I reworked it is so PBS in the Ozarks might possibly broadcast it. Fast forward to today, I have verbal agreements with PBS stations in the Ozarks, Kansas City, Warrensburg, Wichita, and Topeka, and am working to deliver the files to them now!


Cutting down the content from 92 minutes to 56:40 was no easy task, since that is over a 1/3 of my previous finished work! However, I believe it was good to tighten up the film in that way. I not only cut, but also added in a few new shots (including some aerials) and new (updated) information, so that it is relevant 5 years after the storm.

It’s safe to say I’m excited about having more people see the film, especially in the affected area. I made the film as a labor of love. I was glad the first time around to hear that it helped people with emotional healing after such a traumatic event. That was one of the reasons I made it in the first place. The second reason would be to thank all of the volunteers who came to help. Finally, the third reason would be to inspire people through the various stories presented.

Vimeo-On-Demand-Pro-Download-4K-VideoAre you in the viewing area? Do you want to know when the program will air on TV? I will post that info as soon as I have it on You can sign up for updates there if you’d like to receive an email reminder.

Not in the viewing area? Want to see the film before it airs? It is now available for Video On Demand across multiple devices through You can buy the whole program for $6.99 or rent in for $1.99.

Here’s the Trailer 2.0!

“Steadfast” is an encouraging and inspiring film about the Joplin tornado, one of the most destructive in US history. Several residents share their experiences of that fateful day and the days to follow. Through a surge of volunteers and a determined spirit, Joplin has rebuilt in an unprecedented way to now exhibit a higher population and more businesses than before the storm. This film is a heartfelt tribute to the strength and resolve of a community seemingly torn apart by tragedy that rose up to inspire the nation and the world.




60+ performers, 12 nations, 8 languages, 1 song

March 11, 2016 4 comments

There are lots of projects that get me excited, but this one was a once in a lifetime opportunity. This music video is one of my proudest creative achievements to date.

You could say that it was 20 years in the making. I wrote this song from the shortest chapter in the Bible when I was in high school. My band used to play it occasionally in youth group, but we didn’t do too much with it. Years later I ended up recording it myself in a home studio project, but I didn’t really like how it came out. Now fast forward to a couple of years ago.

I work as the video editor for the U.S. office of GNPI ( We have video-savvy people in strategic places all over the world. My fun little song says, “Praise the Lord all you nations…” It seemed like the perfect time to use the song to the fullest potential, using the vast network of international producers now at my disposal! I pitched the idea to our creative team and then to the executive team. It was a big project. Some called it EPIC! After nearly a year of planning, six months of work from 12 nations and eight languages around the world, this music video is now being released!

We hope it brings smiles to many faces and a small glimpse of Revelation 7:9, “…a vast crowd, too great to count, from every nation and tribe and people and language, standing in front of the throne and before the Lamb.”

If you like the video, would you help us by sharing it with your friends? We’ve also created a behind the scenes video with details about those who participated in the project. If you’d like to see more of that backstory, check this out short video:



A Fun Day for Star Wars Fans

January 12, 2016 Leave a comment

Here’s a behind the scenes look at the fun time we had in our office making a Star Wars spoof for the release of “The Force Awakens.” #toomuchfun!

And here’s the spoof in case you missed it:

A Good Sport

photo (25)

Our summer intern, Hannah, from China had her last day at work today. She was a really good sport. She was mainly a graphic design help and helped to design our calendar for next year. I’m excited about that as it’s the ministry’s 40th anniversary and the calendar features some history in it. I also helped her learn some videos skills. She helped me set up for lot’s of shoots and then the best part was she starred in an ad that was did!

You can see the ad and the funny behind the scenes below. (And yes, I was photobombed!)

What is the Christmas Nail?

December 22, 2014 Leave a comment

This year I decided to act upon an idea I had for a Christmas mini-movie for a while now. It required being ready to go on it as soon as we decorated for Christmas and put the tree up. So, I think a couple of years went by without making this. So this year, I made a point of doing it.

Here’s my family decorating and my kids learning a valuable lesson because of an interesting ornament:

This mini-movie can be downloaded at

Because directing kids is always a challenge (especially when they are you own!) I decided to edit together a little bloopers piece from our filming. The kids did really well. As you’ll see, it was the grown ups that had trouble! We had a fun time making this one and hope those who see it (both the real video and then the bloopers too) will be encouraged by it.

Here are the outtakes:

Behind the Scenes (Cartoon Making)

November 22, 2014 Leave a comment

Here’s a behind the scenes look at how to make the characters of Liam & Ruby come to life!

A Good Story From West Africa

October 18, 2014 Leave a comment

Here’s a non-ebola story coming from West Africa. The organization I work for makes these tools and sends them out. While I didn’t film this interview and only edited it, I love how this guy tells the story! Enjoy some Good News.

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