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Human Editing is SO much better!

September 20, 2008 Leave a comment

As promised I did a more intentional edit of my surf footage of Hurricane Ike’s waves on South Padre.  The first video I put up on youtube was a quick job done in Muvee AutoProducer.  Automatic editing will never replace human intelligence.  It’s like translating an important document in Babel Fish or  Humans still beat computers in some fields.  This edit was made into a 5 min. countdown for

Free Music from JJ Heller!

JJ sang on my friend Nathan Shaver’s album.  She’s really good.  Take a listen and spread the word.

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Two new files for Revostock

First my attempt at Surf Music and second…I don’t know what, experimentation of some sort.  Here’s the link: The new newest files are “Surfonic Wave” and “Groove of A”.

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Line 6- Gear Box Kb37 FUN

I recently purchased the Line 6 KB37 toneport  that comes with Gear Box.  I snagged it online for $199.  They sent me 3 and billed me for only 1.  I sent the other 2 back, and recieved a $25 credit for being honest.  Well, anyway, I love it.  It’s awesome.  There’s no need to set up all this electric guitar equipment and mics, etc.  Just plug in and tweek your sounds in Gear Box, and hit record!  Just this morning I was able to throw together two tracks for  It was a breeze.  The electric, mics, drum machine all runs through the same interface.  The software is amazing and so fun.  I’m very pleased.  It makes recording much less tedious and much more inspirational.  Before, by the time I set up I just wasn’t very enthused to be doing any recording.  Now, as seen in the picture, set up is minimal, and recording is enjoyable and easy.  My two offerings uploading today are Distorted Life and Nashville Jam.

Indevo Records

A while back I had a song selected for an indie sampler CD.  Since this was a Christian project I said yes to it.  The CDs finally came in today.  The other artists on there sound pretty good.  I’m selling these for $5 plus $1 for shipping.  If interested send an email to  Gotta keep rocking!

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