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We Lost a Good Man…

Last month, we lost a good man. Mark Allen was GNPI’s Nomad Coordinator for the last two years, and made a huge impact in that short time. It was emotional for me to edit this tribute video. Shortly after he passed away in a vehicle accident I wrote the following paragraphs to share about this wonderful soul:

In Color Code personality theory, yellow is the driving core that’s motivated by fun. Mark tested as high yellow. Bright yellow! As a fellow yellow, myself, I’m no stranger to being the comic relief in the office. But whenever Mark was in town, he stole that show in a great and wonderful way. People fed off of his energy, (I know) probably depleting his own reserves. But like the energizer bunny, he kept on going and going, and was perpetually lifting people’s spirits.
He shared with others an infectious joy in life. I’ll remember him, not only for the way he made people laugh, but also for his giving spirit. Some of the neatest old cameras in my collection in my office were gifts from Mark just because. It goes without saying that he will be missed every time I see those pieces.
My daughter won a CD at some event and wanted to hear it as we drove to the lake this last weekend. We were listening to it when a colleague texted asking if I had checked my work email. I sensed it was important so I looked and saw the tragic news of Mark’s passing. Sadness hit like a ton of bricks. Then I immediately heard over the car stereo on the CD my daughter gave me the words from Chris Tomlin’s song “Home”:
There’s a better place waiting for me in heaven
Every tear will be wiped away
Every sorrow and sin erased
We’ll dance on seas of amazing grace in heavenin heaven
I’m going Home
Where the streets are golden
Every chain is broken
Oh I wanna go, Oh I wanna go
Home, where every fear is gone
I’m in Your open arms
Where I belong Home
The tears well up as I think of that moment and even now as I write. Mark was not just a teammate, a talented trainer, a funny storyteller. He was a friend. And although it’s painfully shocking to think of how he will be missed, we find some solace in knowing that he’s gone Home, which is right where he belongs.
Please take a few minutes to watch this video tribute featuring people from all over the world who were also impacted by this individual.

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