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Steadfast 2.0

My film, Steadfast, should really be called Steadfast 2.0. The original 90 minute version has been revised, enhanced, updated, and shortened. The reason I reworked it is so PBS in the Ozarks might possibly broadcast it. Fast forward to today, I have verbal agreements with PBS stations in the Ozarks, Kansas City, Warrensburg, Wichita, and Topeka, and am working to deliver the files to them now!


Cutting down the content from 92 minutes to 56:40 was no easy task, since that is over a 1/3 of my previous finished work! However, I believe it was good to tighten up the film in that way. I not only cut, but also added in a few new shots (including some aerials) and new (updated) information, so that it is relevant 5 years after the storm.

It’s safe to say I’m excited about having more people see the film, especially in the affected area. I made the film as a labor of love. I was glad the first time around to hear that it helped people with emotional healing after such a traumatic event. That was one of the reasons I made it in the first place. The second reason would be to thank all of the volunteers who came to help. Finally, the third reason would be to inspire people through the various stories presented.

Vimeo-On-Demand-Pro-Download-4K-VideoAre you in the viewing area? Do you want to know when the program will air on TV? I will post that info as soon as I have it on www.steadfastdocumentary.com. You can sign up for updates there if you’d like to receive an email reminder.

Not in the viewing area? Want to see the film before it airs? It is now available for Video On Demand across multiple devices through vimeo.com/ondemand/steadfast. You can buy the whole program for $6.99 or rent in for $1.99.

Here’s the Trailer 2.0!

“Steadfast” is an encouraging and inspiring film about the Joplin tornado, one of the most destructive in US history. Several residents share their experiences of that fateful day and the days to follow. Through a surge of volunteers and a determined spirit, Joplin has rebuilt in an unprecedented way to now exhibit a higher population and more businesses than before the storm. This film is a heartfelt tribute to the strength and resolve of a community seemingly torn apart by tragedy that rose up to inspire the nation and the world.



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