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Video Contest Craze


0 templates

1 one minute video

2 original musical pieces

3 nights of production

4 of the cutest kids you’ve ever seen (and 4 happy meals as payment for their participation)

5 cinematic techniques (camera movement pans, dolly; stop motion animation; time remap (high speed); rack focus; live action)

6 actors

7 is a great number

35 different shots (at least) in 60 seconds of video

?? the number of likes on the post to win $2000 of essential oils for my wife (which she loves!).


I’ve entered a video contest and it’s kind of crazy. It’s more of a social media blitz than a video contest. None of the items mentioned above factors into the judging. In fact, there is no judging. It’s a popularity contest. The video with the most likes wins (quality video or not). I’m trying to be cool with that. Those are the rules and it is what it is.

This blog is mostly about the videos I make, and this is one of the latest. If you’re reading this, then maybe you have a semi-high to high standard of filmmaking. If that’s you, then we’d sure appreciate it if  you could help us out by voting (liking) our video at 



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