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Ozark Mountain Bluegrass at a Cabin from the 1800s

One of my latest video projects was to capture the events at the Adamson Cabin’s Bluegrass and Barbecue “Raise the Roof on the Cabin” fundraiser. This featured music from the Timberline Bluegrass Band, Spur of the Moment Bluegrass Band, Virginia Snyder, and Blackberry Winter Band, who did the soundtrack to the movie “Winter’s Bone.”

The day was cold and rainy, but the event drew a crowd nonetheless. I didn’t realize how cold my hands were around the camera until it was over and I attempted to thaw them, stiff as they were, with the car heater. I can only image playing an instrument in such weather! This did not put any sort of damper on the event. It was a lot of fun. And I hope the recap video shows it.

It was a little tricky being the lone shooter. Trying to cover various angles and crowd shots, and at the same time trying to capture some songs in their entirety was a bit of a challenge, but one I welcomed. I would’ve loved to have a second shooter, but I did what I could without that luxury. I knew what I shot, and my goal was to shoot to edit, so that made the editing process fairly easy and quick.

Whether you are a fan of Bluegrass or not, check out some good ol’ Ozark Mountain music!

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