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Fall Festival Highlights

Here’s the 2011 highlights reel of our Fall Festival. I thought this one turned out pretty good. The music is uptempo. The pace is fast. The edits are quick. I started the edit with some quick little timelapse (using a tripod of course and a Aputure timer remote, which for some reason has some major battery issues). Then most of the other footage was shot using my DIY PVC shouler rig (see my DIY category on the blog) and my new lens which has image stabilization. This is the one thing that I was most excited about on this edit. A prime lens is great for static shots  and depth of field stuff, focus pulls, etc., but add movement and you’re in trouble. This made a big difference I think. I thought it should be colorful, so I didn’t colorize the whole thing; I just did a pop levels adjustment on each clip. So here you go:

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