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The Search is Over

Just this week this ad come in the mail…can you say pricey????

Since I heard that HP had a fire sale, offering Touchpads for $99 I got busy figuring out how to acquire one. I’m usually a little bit behind the times with some technology. Not having a smart phone or an ipad or even a kindle, I jumped at this opportunity. But not so fast…it was not easy. By the time I entered the search all major retailers were OUT of stock. These were flying off the shelves. Certain websites said limited stock, but as I got more into the buying process, there would be an error or it would read “out of stock”. This was frustrating. Enter slickdeals forum. This site gave me live updates of where these were being sold, as well as an HP site where I could be notified of more stock. That site was crashing. I’d enter my info, and it would not process.

One of the places that I heard was selling was PCCONNECTION. I went there and tried to navigate but it was bogged down. I would try to add to cart, and nothing would happen. I refreshed. Nothing. I left and came back, added to cart…waited…BINGO! The option to checkout or keep shopping. It’s in the cart! CHECK OUT.

Did I get it? I think so. Email. Temporary order #.


Another email. Regular order #. Estimated shipping- today. I think I got it!

I saw a lot of horror stories of people who were victims of over selling on various sites, but me? No such email has come. I think I’m good.

Monday. I wonder if it’s shipped yet. Let me trace it…status…cancelled??????

Called PCCONNECTION. They were apologetic. Thousands of people were on the site. I wasn’t fast enough! Really???

Still Monday. Well, maybe Best Buy will have a return? No. Radio Shack? Office Depot? Conns??? They laughed at me. I told the PCCONNECTION story. They wanted to cry with me.

Two days later my cancellation email came. It read:

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for your recent order for the HP TouchPad.

Unfortunately, we experienced overwhelming demand for this item and our stock was depleted prior to fulfilling your order. As a result, your order for this item has been cancelled and no payments will be processed.

As you may know, HP recently announced its decision to discontinue production of the TouchPad. At this time, future availability is unclear but we are working closely with HP to obtain additional inventory if it becomes available.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you and we look forward to serving you in the future.


PC Connection

What to do? I don’t think I am on HP’s notification list. Now I can’t find that page. FOUND IT. Now it’s changed! Can’t do it anymore. Oh wait link looks like it’s working. I’m going back to Best Buy. Hearing some rumors. Truck comes in Thursday. Call Thursday night to see if. We don’t know if we’ll have them or not.

Thursday. Calling Best Buy. 4 or more in front of me. Catchy little song on hold. Speaker phone. Not so catchy anymore. Dad, turn that off!!! 20 min. Hang up.

Calling again, pressing different menu number. Same song. 4 or more ahead of me. 20 min. Hang up.

Let’s try once more. 15 min. and they pick up! Truck didn’t come, it’ll be tomorrow morning. Manager said not to tell anyone that we would have some, in case we don’t.

Friday…today. I’ll just take my chances. Alarm set. Not needed. I’m up early. I grabbed some reading material. Yes, that’ll do. I drove. One hour before open time.

I mean, this isn’t black friday or anything…7 people already in line! One guy came at 5am. More arriving. 150 in line at McAllen Best Buy, where the truck stops first.

More rumors… someone said, “I heard from an employee that there WILL be 20 tickets awarded.” Is it a limit of 1 per? I sure hope so.

Long line behind me. Two minutes ’til opening time. No word from any employee. No tickets awarded.

Two minutes after opening time. Still outside waiting. They must be scrambling inside. They must have the tablets!

Open doors. Go to Geek Squad checkout. Hey, she just got here. Oh well. She must know an employee, ‘cuz she’s in front of me now. This other guy cut with someone who actually beat me. He’s on crutches. I walk slow not to be rude. Those behind me are staying in order. Employees are emptying boxes and boxes. Breathe easy now. I’m #8.

The price is ringing up. I’ll take the 32gig please. $149. Not $599.

Good things come to those that wait!

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