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Shoulder mount DIY mods

This is my modification to my DIY shoulder mount. I took it with me to Joplin and used it. Though I thought it was right when I glued it the first time, it wasn’t quite there. I found that I was straining to look in the viewfinder and tilting the whole rig in order to do it. Also, I had two pieces, one of which, the handles, which were moving around on me. So I decided to glue it as a whole so that it would be completely sturdy. Harder to pack now, but worth it. The handles mod was easy to do because like I said, I wasn’t glued. I just extended it out a little, because it was too close. This might help with balance, if I put a zoom lens on as well. On the second mod, I was fortunate to have enough of a piece that if I cut right in the middle of it (with that handy pvc cutter) I could connect two elbow pieces to it. This mod did the trick. I was nervous before I did it, but it paid off. Now the camera is higher and over more. No more straining or tilting. Now it’s very comfortable and easy to use.  Just need to sand it and spray paint it now!

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