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Amanda Franklin

It’s another sad day for SW Missouri, and completely unrelated to the tornado in Joplin. Very close to Joplin is Noesho, Missouri. Based out of Noesho was the husband wife team that made up “Pirated Skies”. Kyle and Amanda Franklin last performed their incredible wing-walking air show at Air Fiesta in Brownsville, TX, where I live. I tell the story of that tragic day in this post.

My purpose today is to report that after fighting hard to survive this accident for months, Amanda has now passed away. My prayers are with Kyle at this time. Kyle and Amanda met after both their fathers collided with each other and died at an air show several years ago. Please keep Kyle in your thoughts and prayers.

On March 11th, 2011, the day before the crash, we were wowed by their “Pirated Skies” performance.  No one had any idea that it would be their final successful act. I caught it all on video. So here it is- a tribute to Amanda.


And this is the link to a tribute video that someone else made for Amanda with info at the end on how to help the family:  http://youtu.be/X2Awo3sVp20

  1. August 31, 2011 at 2:31 am

    Actually they were dating when their fathers had their collision. Kyle was the announcer for them. They married in October of that year. So sad. I’m sorry she had to suffer so much. RIP Amanda. May God give Kyle peace and strength during this time of great need.

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