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VanderMeer or VanderFlop?

Scott VanderMeer has been playing really well for the Iowa Energy. After backing Courtney Sims most of the season, now he is coming into his own. More specifically, he has made his presence known down low in the Finals series agains the RGV Vipers. However, I have to take issue with him on one thing, and not only him, the whole league and the NBA, but especially him, for Flopping. Since VanderMeer is a serial flopper, I’ll refer to him throughout this short post as VanderFlop. I know others do it, including the Viper’s McNeal, last night, and Iowa’s Hannah, but these guys are not 7 foot towers.

It seems as though this is VanderFlop’s game plan. Well, buddy, I got your number back in game 1, and it seems now that the refs and the Vipers got it too. Let me break this down. There’s a lot of physical play going on, and commentators talk about Scott taking a beating. His hard fall came from his own hanging and slipping off the rim. The foul was not hard. This guy is big and tough and strong. But he’s playing like a pansy when it would benefit him. I think Stan Van Gundy would agree with me- (http://www.slamonline.com/online/nba/2011/04/stan-van-gundy-wants-the-hawks-to-stop-flopping/).
In game one, he had a rare and almost unheard of 7 blocks. He also “forced” 5 charge calls against the Vipers. He was in foul trouble and ended with 5 fouls in both games. However, if one of those 7 blocks was not clean (and several were not- McNeal only shot 4 free throws with a 9 average and 13-13 in game 2) or if one of those offensive fouls is actually a block or a flop (duh!) then he’s out of the game. 12 calls went his way in game 1!- calls that affected many points for RGV. Game two was a different story (thank goodness, I mean, come on!).
To see this 7 footer’s brute strength you’d have to see the end of the 1st or 2nd quarter of game two, I can’t remember which. Anyway, Terrel Harris was defending, I believe, league MVP Curtis Stinson after a Viper’s make and VanderMeer sets a screen for his point guard. He is like a brick wall- a wall that Harris runs into and goes flying off in the other direction. Scott does not budge. It’s 6 ft. versus 7 ft. burly-man bulk. STRONG. That is until we’re on the other end of the floor and Roby or McNeal or anyone from Red (large or small)  is scoring on this tree of a man, they may redirect themselves, graze him and then with a slightly delayed reaction then the tree comes down…TIIIIIMMMMBBBEEERRRR!!! Over and over again. VanderFlop, we’re not falling for your falling anymore. You’ve proven your strength AND your weakness. We’ve got your number.

The Vipers win in extraordinary fashion in front of a DLeague record crowd of hostile (but stunned) Iowa fans. I, of course a Vipers fan, was one of the few on the twittersphere to predict this. Everyone else seemed to be picking the #1 ranked Energy. Now the tune is, well, Iowa’s playing without Sims, Jeffers, Lofton, and Weaver. On the other side, the Vipers too are playing without Shakur, Adrien, and Cousin (due to injury)! I think Iowa’s a great team and not to be underestimated. But I think the same about the Vipers. I predicted them to win game 2 and I predict them to come out and win game 3 too on Iowa’s turf. Be afraid, Energy. Be very afraid.

P.S. Watch VanderFlop in action trying to get the same calls in game 2– :54 second mark- http://www.nba.com/dleague/games/20110427/RGVIWA/gameinfo.html?ls=gt2hp2041000302

  1. Tammy
    April 29, 2011 at 1:36 am

    The video is great evidence of what you’re asserting here. What a joke! The refs have to be complete idiots to call a charging foul on anyone who runs into that brute. His flop was not even convincing.

  2. April 29, 2011 at 2:34 am

    And that was just one example of this chronic flopping giant! I wish you could see the screen he set for Harris chasing down Stinson. He did not budge and Harris went flying. And yet Muggsy Bogues could topple this tower if he was in a shooting motion!

  3. January 26, 2012 at 6:00 am

    Well, Scott actually just joined the Vipers. So now, I guess I’ll be pulling FOR him. He is also good friends with a friend of mine’s from high school.

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