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Another Poptent Entry

I had another entry that becomes part of my portfolio. Finalists were announced today, and I was not among them. I was for Triaminic but didn’t win. There were a lot more entries in Stauffers Animal Crackers than there were for Triaminic. I got excellent feedback from my peeps, saying it was the best one to date. Even more so when consider that I followed the stated and re-emphasized guidelines I thought better than most by not making it “blatantly commercial” and “more organic” and “not appearing like an ad” without any logos other than the actually product. I intentionally matched the packaging color scheme with our clothes and overall look. I made it a real and kid-friendly spot. Many of the finalists did not. Edgy beats out cute and clean. One of the finalist even had a bit where an animation said “What the [bleep sound”! For Animal Crackers! A kid’s snack!

You can see my submission here: http://www.poptent.net/media/27514

The finalists are here: http://www.poptent.net/assignment/249?utm_source=PoptentNotifications&utm_medium=hyperlink&utm_content=Discussion-15124&utm_campaign=Comments#tab=results

I guess I’ll keep on keeping on. I’m not going to make a kid product edgy, though!

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