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Stock up on Stock Footage

Stocks may be down right now, but you can stock up on stock footage. Stock footage is a necessity in the realm of video. You may create your own footage, but every now and then you need a shot that you haven’t actually filmed yourself. Stock footage that you use in your own productions should be royalty-free so that you won’t get into any copyright trouble. It can get pretty pricey! That’s why I stock up on freebies. There are weekly and monthly freebies out on the web; clips that I eventually will get to use in a video production. Let me show you where you can find these and stock up on other ideas as well.

read the rest here: http://www.christianvideomag.com/cv2009_06/cv2009_06gfish.pdf

from June’s issue Christian Video Magazine www.christianvideomag.com


  1. July 21, 2009 at 9:54 am

    Most professional advertising and drama producers will have very specific criteria when looking for stock footage. Not only must the topic be right but the angle and image character must match the rest of the film. Although there are masses of footage around, it is still a challenge finding footage under time pressure.

    We’ve focused on getting masses of material online from different kinds of cameramen and production companies. Equally important is that we help you search. It is not only a matter of typing in keywords. Knowing your way around the thousands of hours of footage is sometimes crucial. If you let us know what you are looking for we will send you suggestions with thin the hours. Our email is on our search engine for stock footage.

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