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My Accident

I had an accident the other day.  But there’s good news.  Some time back I saved 15% or more by switching to GEICO.  I just called the gecko company and gave my statement about the accident that I had on Friday.  Now I am telling you what happened as it did.  The events occur in real-time.

It all started back on Tuesday really.  A team of young energetic kids from Tulsa descended upon the valley with the intent of working across the river in various different Mexico missions.  Their guide…yours truly.  Now, I maintain that I am still young, but not as young as these over-eager teens.  As their guide, I wanted to show how they should work hard, which I did.  We mixed cement on the ground and passed it up a scaffolding in bucket fulls until a roof was complete.  I was so worn out after this and other days of shoveling, etc.

Now we come full circle.  It’s early Friday morning.  I haven’t had my coffee yet.  My wife informs me that we are out of water.  I wonder to myself, “How is this?  We have two 5 gallon jugs and the rule we live by (really the only clearly defined rule in our household) states that when one jug is empty it gets put at the door to be refilled as pronto as possible.  That way we don’t have this predicament of an urgency to fill both jugs. 

Friday I had this sense of urgency.  Remember, I had not had my coffee.  It was literally minutes before the Tulsa group would be arriving at our door for me, the guide, to lead them to the beach for a time of well-deserved relaxation.  But here I was running this 911-type of errand for my wife who for my sake (being busy everyday and worn out) did indeed break rule 1 of 1.  So now instead of filling 1 jug (5 gallons) I have to fill 2 (10 gallons). 

I have previously stated a couple times how tired I was at this point, so I don’t think that I need to mention this again, or the fact that I haven’t had my coffee yet.  What I need to mention is that the last time that I was filling 1 jug (which is what I do when the rule in place is effectively followed), I was stopped by a security guard in his golf cart informing me that I could not park there in the fire lane in front of those circular concrete posts.  He did tell me that I could park behind them, between them and the vending machines.  So I did this time.  First and only time I’ve done this.  Since I was having to fill 2 jugs, I thought I should get as close as possible especially in my weak and feeble condition.  That aforementioned golf cart was parked next to the vending machines, making this newly inspired maneuver a tight squeeze.  I thought briefly to myself that if I could skillfully navigate the narrow roads of Mexico is will be a no-brainer.  This turned out to be false.  Upon filling the 10 gallons of water and mustering the last ounce of strength in my lower back in order to load them into the van, I proceeded to implement this easy driving feat of backing up.  In my present state of mind I thought that backing and turning into the pharmacy area would be a good idea, so that I could put it in drive and come out straight.  I failed to remember that there was a short circular concrete post in my blind spot, and when the thought occurred to me the front headlight was already in mid air.  This angered me because I consider myself to be a better driver than this.


My mother who went in the store to buy drinks for the boys for the beach later realized that the passenger door doesn’t open.  This added fuel to my fire, so I proceeded as quickly as humanly possible to McDonald’s to order a medium vanilla latte which I convinced myself was needed and long overdue and I was entitled to one after having survived such an ordeal.

I got home and calmly pointed out to my wife that she broke rule #1 and that had it not been for that I would not have parked there and this would not have occurred.  I realize that placing blame on others is a negative side of my personality, but here she was obviously the one to blame.  I simply was NOT my fault.

OK, so it was my fault.  I take full responsability.  Hopefully you read this far to see that I’m not a big loser husband and that I can own up to my own shortcomings.  I can admit when I really am to blame.  I was driving.  I made a statment to geico.  They asked if I was hurt in the accident.  I was not, only my pride was hurt.  And that was all MY fault.  It was my wife’s fault for making it my fault. 



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