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Here’s another random personal entry.  I’ve been re-baptized.  Or have I?

I maintain that once someone is baptized (immersed) sincerely and genuinely (and knowingly) it is good once and for all.  There really is no need to be re-baptized, that is unless the first time you didn’t mean it.  There is one baptism (Ephesians 4). 

Well, today I went down in our baptistery at the church.  I’ve been there many times to baptize other people.  In those circumstances I am never submerged completely under water as the ones being baptized are.  Today I was.  Why?  Every month it is cleaned and in order to be cleaned it has to be drained.  In order to be drained the plug has to be pulled.  In order to be pulled it must be connected to this certain wire.  When the janitor went to pull it yesterday the wire broke off from the plug.  I volunteered to go swimming.

I woke up in the morning knowing that I needed to skip the shower, put on my swimming trunks and go diving for plugs.  What I didn’t know was that it had gotten strangely cold this day, especially for the valley.  Another thing that I didn’t know is that once in the COLD water (oh my!!!) it was the plug, not the wire that broke.  After the shock of the cold water, I reach down with my hand to pull the plug up.  I can’t grip it.  The pressure of all that cold (did I mention that I didn’t turn the heater on the night before?) water was too great.  So I holler to our youth minister to bring some pliers.  He brings me a tweezer looking thing, which only breaks up the plug even more.  Apparently we don’t have regular pliers at the church.

Another challenge was once I decided to be submerged (which is in its very raw form the very definition of the greek word “baptizo”) the challenge was to stay under long enough to do the work necessary.  I kept floating to the top, even after letting out all of my air.  I didn’t come ready with goggles either, thinking this would be really easy and a relatively quick thing to do.

The youth minister brought me a little screw driver thinking that I could get around the edge of it.  I couldn’t.  But what I ended up doing (in desperation at this point) is stabbing the darn plug with it, and prying it open.  It didn’t seem to work, but I decided that I would just destroy the thing and we’d have to buy a new one anyway.  Finally I heard a little bit of draining.  I applied some more force and heard more draining.  My heart was filled with hope!  I freed the plug from the rushing current and came out gasping for air.  Good thing that when I got out my McDonald’s latte was waiting for me.  A couple sips must have raised my body temperature enough to be able to proceed to the shower.  Though the shower pressure at the church is low and the water is lukewarm, this was a great relief. 

Tomorrow we’ll try out the new plug.  I hope it fits.  They may not make this size anymore.  We’ll see then.  In the meantime, I hope no one wants to get baptized (there anyway)!

  1. Kim Fish
    March 13, 2009 at 8:35 pm

    I enjoyed this! I actually read it the whole way through rather than just start and not finish!

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