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Featured on Sermonspice’s Weekly Review!!

What is the weekly reveiw?

This– “View the latest videos that sure to communicate and connect to your audience.
See videos hand picked and previewed from among the over 13,000 videos on Sermonspice.com.”

They picked one of mine!- http://www.sermonspice.com/weekly_review/1/ (espisode 50 after this week).

I was just browsing sermonspice a little, seeing what other producers are up to, and I noticed a banner for the new weekly review.  It said something like “We do the digging, bringing you the best videos.”  I clicked and started watching.  As usual Daniel Temple came out but this time with someone else (the producer of all the “baked pickles” videos, whom I recognized) but behind them both…is me.  They have some multi-TV thing behind them, and I see me in the choir robe.  The first video they highlight is mine.  They do have to cut it way short, but they link it at the end AND give a code (good for a week) for $3 off.
It so crazy…I was floored when I stumbled upon this.  Just the other day I told Emily that I would love it if they would pick a video of mine (possibly this one) to highlight on the weekly review.  And they did!  I did nothing to arrange this.  So cool!  Fun stuff.

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