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My Andy Griffith Remixes

An easy effective way to make video illustrations for sermons.  Take clips that are in the public domain and edit them for time and content.  There is a lot more involved than slapping a title and a verse to it. Many times it has to be edited down to be a short clip that pastors can use without eating all of their time. It involves watching the episodes (which is fun) and seeing what might work and the finding a scripture that would be pertinent.


This video did pretty well for Valentine’s Day.  I was pleasantly surprised.  It’s good for any message on relationships.


This one is straight forward and could be very effective on a message on temptation.


An interesting take on the destructive nature of sin.


A great scene about a spoiled kid and the importance of discipline.  Full version includes Opie trying out some of his tactics.


Fun little video on gossip!


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