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All in a Day’s Work

So I’ve been looking forward to making this video.  Worship 1/2 has had some great success on sermonspice.  A lot of churches have used it- even some conferences.  This is the sequel.  I get to work on videos on my days off.  Today is Friday, so I got to shoot the video (thanks to Emily, my wife, for dropping the kids off with a sitter and helping me behind the camera).  As always when I have my footage, I want to edit until it’s done.  I had a relatively quick edit.  Some of the tricky overlays I already had done.  I just needed the footage.  Since I did my overlays before shooting, I didn’t want to do them over again.  My footage was wrong in that I was standing on the wrong side, where the graphics were.  To fix this, I did a “horizontal flip” effect.  So I look like a left-handed guitarist and drummer!

To download: http://www.sermonspice.com/videos/24040/lukewarm-hymns-cd-info

I made this countdown before having the idea for another CD spoof:

The original CD spoof is here: http://www.sermonspice.com/videos/16663/worship-1-2-cd-info

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