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News unrelated to VIDEOS.

Here’s a completely and strictly personal blog post, because it’s been brought to my attention (AGAIN) that I don’t update enough on personal things.  Well here goes:

The debate between me and my wife is over.  It’s official with a doctor’s visit we are expecting our fourth child.  I was happy with three, but she wanted four.  Since our house is run like Burger King, she has it her way.  I’m sure I’ll get excited about the idea of another baby, though.  In fact I already am.  I’m thinking about names already.  Among my favs are:

for a boy- Flexner Lancelot or Nester Rufus

for a girl- Bertha Agnus or Goldie might be good, since our last name is Fish.

I’ll keep working on this.  Maybe I should involved Emily!

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  1. Kim Fish
    January 23, 2009 at 3:17 pm

    I have been checking everyday since I mentioned something!!! I can’t help it that you rarely email so I check your blog everyday to see if somethings new. I’m not making videos in Mexico just wanting to check in on my brother!!!! Love you!

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