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A New Effect

This was an especially fun video to make.  The concept was really easy.  I could’ve thrown it together in no time, with simple transitions, etc.  It might not have mattered overall, but I wanted to add to the production value.  I wanted to try out a different method of transitioning that doesn’t even use transitions.  I didn’t read anywhere how to do this, but since I’d seen effects similar to this, I was able to concieve how to do it.

Basically every slide was designed in photoshop to fit the screen.  But then I copied each slide into a huge canvas on photoshop so that the 16 slides or so are all in there with a black line between them.  Then in Premiere (my editing system) I centered at 100% scale on one of them.  After the time for the still image, I dragged the clip out one more second, but cut it so that I have a one second clip by itself.  At the beginning of that clip I ensured that all the keyframe settings are equal to the end of the clip before, then at the end of the 1 second, I centered on the next image that I want to use.  During that second the path that it takes is pretty random, but to mix it up I added rotation, and 3D tilt on one of them, paths that make it studder, etc.  I tried to be kind of randomn, but intentional about it.  It’s definately an effect not achieved by any marketed transition effects.  It was easy and fun, and I’m glad that I could pull it off, even with my limited animation skills.

Enjoy this funny countdown of Church Bulletin Bloopers!

Download: http://www.sermonspice.com/videos/22723/church-bulletin-bloopers

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