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Mexico- Aztec Country

Recently I went down to La Huasteca- the mountains in the state of Hidalgo, Mexico.  There are remote villages up there where Spanish is not even spoken.  The music you hear on this is in this dialect.  God is opening doors there.  In one of the villages I went to, the missionary was threatened with his life several months ago.  They blocked the road and had their machetes out.  But we were there recently and no problem.  I’ll be going back in January.  Let me post something from an upcoming article of mine in Christian Video Magazine:

 About one month ago I took a trip into Aztec country in the mountains of Mexico.  I was able to minister in several villages where the church is just beginning to grow.  In some of these places there has been persecution of Christians.  In most of these villages Spanish is not the first language, and many do not even speak Spanish.  I know Spanish, but I don’t speak or even understand there other dialects.  I went ahead and brought my laptop, as the missionaries asked me to.  I had my doubts about using my multi-media presentation of music, moving images, and illustration videos.  I was thinking that I was not in Kansas anymore.  But to my amazement the videos did really well.  Those that could not understand Spanish could relate to the images.  Some saw things they maybe never have seen before, but were moved by it.  There was a lot of positive feedback.  Those services could’ve gone all night, but many of the people had walked hours in the rain and mud to get there and had the same journey to make to get home again.  I’m going to get some new material and go down there again soon.  It was a wonderful experience seeing their faces light up. Video played a roll in this ministry.

Of course God is doing a lot more down there.  Video is minor in this case.  But please pray for continued success in this ministry and for more doors to open.  Here’s a slide show with pictures:

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