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Another Muddy River Music Track

Another Muddy River Music Track (and another thanksgiving video).  This video I did not create.  It was done by Mark Fogarty, media missionary for www.muddyrivermedia.org.  On this site you can download any of the content FREE!  Then you can contribute via paypal what God lays on your heart to support the ongoing ministry of Muddy River. 

Anyway, his video in heaven used a song of mine from www.revostock.com.  Then most recently this new video- http://www.muddyrivermedia.org/media/muddy-river-media/2008/thankful uses the instrumental music of my song “My Boys”.  Mark says he just searched for a “mood” then went to the editor’s choice files, and started listening.  He got “My Boys” and only later realized that it was my song.  So he let me know about it.  What he doesn’t know is that the real song has a strange lyric-

“My boys are the cutest thing since sliced bread. 

I know sliced bread isn’t very cute, although…

neither is a sandwhich made of sand.

And life without my boys would be so bland.

Then the song goes one by one with special verses about each one of my three sons.  You can hear the song in its entireity at http://www.myspace.com/gregoryfish There’s a cute part towards the end where the kids are laughing on the track.

Without rambling anymore, I highly recommend Muddy River to you.  He has all sorts of videos, again for FREE or donation.  I’ll be translating some of his videos to spanish, I’m already working on one of them (a Christmas video- “Unspoken Messages”).  Here’s his new thanksgiving video that features my song:

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