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Almost Top 10…so close.

So close, but yet so far.  “Worship 1/2” made it to number 11 on sermonspice.  I know this because it is the first video on the second page of sermon illustrations.  One more spot and it would’ve been on the top ten list and on the first page.  “Freedom is not Free” has made top ten twice already.  But this is the only other video to make it so far up the ladder, I think.  I’ve had some countdowns make top 20, but in the countdown section, and that’s not as impressive.  “Worship 1/2” went out in an email blast as noted on a previous post.  It had a very good run even before the blast went out.  It still did not do as well as I had hope, but oh well.  I know that this large conference in Dallas used it.  And my friend in Missouri used it too.  I used it in San Antonio at a convention.  Well, 11 is not bad.  It’s almost top 10.  Of the other producers videos on the blast, one made #3, then mine #11, the next one I found was on page 4 (#40).  So in that regard I’m glad for the result and the exposure.  Ah to manipulate stats…in the Comedic topic, which is the #1 topic, “Worship 1/2 CD info” is #4.  OK, enough of this already!

Next on the slate for production is an English version of “The Lord’s Prayer?” a video I’ve already made in Spanish and has had some good use in various countries already.  I’ll post it here when done.

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