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Sermonspice Español (Spanish Spice)

NEW- link for my exclusive Spanish sermonspice videos- http://sermonspice.com/search?producer_id=285&page=1&topic_id[]=92&Topic[]=Spanish+Language

I was in San Antonio for the Convención Nacional Cristiana last week.  I was pleased to be raising awareness in this place with fellow ministers from all over the country about the great resource that is Sermonspice Español.  It is a passion of mine to help our Spanish-speaking churches get on board with today’s technology and not get left behind in this important medium.  So I had a little table set up, with brochures, and coupon codes for those attendees, and a few T-shirts to give away.  It was fun!  I think it was well recieved, because today I noticed several new sales in the spanish department, and I’m surely not the only producer that got these hits.  I’m going to do the same in November at a different convention and I will plan on presenting at some Ministerial Alliances.  I was able to show a lot of my work at the convention while many of the youth were waiting for programming to start.  Over all it was a good experience.

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